16 Companies Offering Transcription Jobs From Home

Got a job, but the pay seems not enough? Looking for some ways on how to earn some extra money? Thinking about using some of your free time to earn some? Well, here is a small solution for you— home-based transcription jobs. It is a form of job where you can earn money, sitting (or even lying on your bed) at home with some knowledge of hearing and typing what you hear on-screen. With easy comfort of your laptop or computer with an active internet and sharp ears and brain. If you’re interested in hight paying online jobs then here are a few companies that can give you home-based transcription jobs.

transcription jobs from home

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1) Quicktate

Probably one of the best legal companies offering home-based transcription works to freelancers who like to make some money. The payment from the organization is made via PayPal every first working day of the week.

Working at Quicktate is relatively easy and convenient since there are no time limits for the work you want to do, but the pay is a bit low compared to others. You get paid from $7 – $10 an hour or equivalent to $0.00025 – $0.005 a word. Be a Quicktate transcriber now.

2) AccuTran Global

AccuTran encourages every person who’s searching for home-based transcription jobs since they deal with many streams of transcription. In order to join, there’s a simple test you need to take. Once you passed the test, you can start earning.

AccuTran Global gives monthly payout via Wire transfers or Check every 15th of the month. Their pay rate ranges from $0.005 – $0.0066 per word for the beginners. Be an AccuTran Global transcriber now.

3) Verballnk

Another great company offering home-based transcription jobs, Verballnk is for the more professional or experienced individuals. Unfortunately, the company only hires people who are based in the US and there’s also a really hard test you need to pass for you to be qualified. For this company, you will be using a headset and a foot pedal.

The company also requires a detailed resume plus a cover letter. If they see that the applicant is eligible, then they would hire them with an immediate job. You also need to state clearly the work hours you can give to the company, There are no particular hours to be done, however, your suggested time should be filled up to meet the deadline.

Being a stricter company, Verballnk does pay a bit higher than most transcription companies for the beginners. So, it’s safe to say that the toughness to enter is worth it. Payout with Verballnk is through PayPal every Fortnight and pay rate can be $5 – $8 an hour or equivalent to $0.00025 – $0.005 per word. Be a Verballnk transcriber now.

4) AppenScribe

Appenscribe is a company that looks for those with fluency in several languages. In order to have a clear earning with this company, you will need to have an account and needs to get through 2 small different levels. As mentioned before, fluency in multiple languages is preferred, however, they also accept those with single language fluency, allowing you to earn some good money. Later, you will have an option to choose the various languages you can understand after getting selected through the two test levels.

Appenscribe not only offers transcription jobs, but also other fields such as web search evaluation, linguistics, translation and more. So, this could help individuals with other qualifications instead of writing only. If you’re someone who’s good at analyzing content and meaning of something, then you can try linguistic. Or if you have the skill to write an audio file in several languages, then you can try translation. In short, the company gives more individuality than some. Pay rate here ranges from $2 – $10 an hour and payout via Skrill or PayPal every Fortnight. Be an AppenScribe transcriber now

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5) is another company that offers home-based transcription jobs to individuals with the eligibility of their hearing and typing skills. You will need to apply for the job online and complete a test in their particular software. After that, you will need to send the document to the company.

An email of results will be sent after 5 working days. If you passed the test, you’ll have a job offer. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to try again after 45 days. So, you will have a second chance of attending the test for their home-based transcription job. They only pay you via PayPal and have a pay rate as low as $3 up to $25 an hour. Be a transcriber now.

6) Scribie

Used to be known as Call Graph, Scribie is another great choice. To join Scribie, you need to apply. Once your application is approved, you should receive an email that notifies you of the same. You will be put on the waiting list for the test. Their test can take only 3 – 6 minutes long. If you fail it, you can retake it for at least 10 times. Unlike other transcription companies, Scribie pays you to transcribe these very test files.

Their audio files are short, suitable for beginners and your given 2 hours to transcribe a 6–minute file. Their pay rate ranges between $5 and $20 an audio hour and pays through PayPal every Monday. Also, if you transcribe over 3 hours of transcription in a month, you will have a bonus of $5. Be a Scribie transcriber now.

7) Tigerfish

Probably one of the companies that offer the highest quality of works, Tigerfish is a flexible and friendly company offering home-based transcription jobs. Like the others, it requires you to pass a test and an application needs to be sent through mail only. Receptions will not answer any calls regarding your application.

The work here is progressive and the project itself can take weeks. So, this is better suited for the people who have a lot of free time and can take a handful of jobs. Payout is via PayPal every Fortnight and the pay rate is up to 5 – 7 cents per line. Be a Tigerfish transcriber now.

8) Transcription Hub

With this company, you do not have to be experienced in order to start with them. However, you’ll need to take an entry-level assessment. Your score will then determine the level of pay and work that you will receive. You can either be a Bronze, Silver or Gold worker. After passing the test, you also need to estimate the amount of work you can handle a week. Payment is once a month via PayPal, mailed check or direct deposit. Be a Transcription Hub transcriber now.

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9) CastingWords

Yet again a reputable company that hires people for transcription jobs, CastingWords is one of the most diverse organizations out there. It features a FAQ segment on their site, advising a really long list of the different countries they hire. The pay rate depends on the quality of the media file. The poorer the quality you can transcribe, the more you’ll be paid. Typically, payment here is up to $0.30 – $1 a minute of an audio file. You can payout via PayPal every Friday. Be a CastingWords transcriber now.

10) British Creek Communication

This one is for the more experienced individuals and for those looking for full-time since British Creek Communication deals with a massive stream of transcriptions jobs from Immigration, Veterans Affairs, and Corporates and Social Security clients. Although they are ready to hire just about anybody. Like any other, they have a test you need to pass and will offer you a job through email. The company is quite strict on the application process and made it clear on their website that you need to send them all requirement via mail.

After that, they will decide whether you’re eligible or not. Their working hours should be specific enough. The payment should be made via the files you wish to transcribe. The tougher the file is the higher your payment. Pay rate ranges from $7 – $10 an hour or the equivalent of $0.00025 – $ 0.005 per word which you can receive through PayPal every fortnight. Be a British Creek Communication transcriber now.

11) Speakwrite

You should be able to earn up to $3,000 per month with Speakwrite. If you have the experience and from the US or Canada, you should be able to start immediately as a contractor for them. This company deals with various sectors such as the government, law enforcement, and other private sectors. Pay here can go from ½ cents per work for the beginners to at least $12 an hour for the more experienced transcribers. Be a SpeakWrite transcriber now.

12) GMR  Transcription

The motto of this company is: “Transcribe Better, Earn Better”. Their pay range can go from $1,000 to $3,000 a month based on your transcribing skills. The difference in the amount depends on the difficulty of your tasks while the time limit remains the same.

To attend a test, there are certain rules you need to follow. All processes will be mailed to you and that you need to go through every line in order to make sure to follow their terms. Then, you will have to download an audio file they sent to you, transcribing it and sending it to the same email address. Pay here can be $10 – $14 per audio file. Be a GMRTranscription transcriber now.

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13) Ubiqus

Ubisqus mainly look for English accent individuals or UK-based workers. However, they also encourage all kinds of people all over the world with good writing and hearing skills since they offer a variety of voice transcription. The company also ensures to provide the most basic verbatim transcript of any meeting. And they only hire those with accurate, fast and attentive skills. The company also have a set of procedure to follow when applying and working. Pay rate can start from $0.0058 – $0.0065 per word and payout via Work Market every fortnight. Be an Ubisqus transcriber now.

14) CrowdSurf

The company encourages any individuals with or without experience to apply for their transcription job. Unlike other companies, CrowdSurf offers basic training and supports you to get started to be a home-based transcriber. CrowdSurf offers 3 steps to get enrolled. First, you will need to signup, join the company and start working. The payment and hiring procedures will all be made through the work market every Monday and you can earn 5 -7 cents per line. Be a CrowdSurf transcriber now.

15) 3PlayMedia

A computer software and technology firm, 3PlayMedia offers captioning, transcription, subtitling, account systems, translation, and processing services. It seeks to make a more accessible platform for people globally. They also offer an interactive transcript, video clipping, archive search, clip-maker features, and video SEO. The company pays you for your hard work and requires 99 percent accuracy. Even the most complex content or the poorest audio file will require good accuracy and offer you bigger pay. 3PlayMedia offers at least 3 -7 cents per line with payout via Skrill or PayPal every Monday. Be a 3PlayMedia transcriber now.

16) Daily Transcription

If you prefer mail conversations instead of the telephonic ones, then this company gives you just that. The pay range here is comparatively less than the others. To get hired, you need to pass through their transcription test. Once you passed, you need to specify your working hours and strictly follow them. If you need to change your schedule, you’ll have to inform them immediately. Daily transcription pays up to 75 cents a minute of an audio file and pays you via Work Market or PayPal every Monday. Be a Daily Transcription transcriber now.

Ready To Be A Transcriber?

So, there you have it! You have 16 legitimate options to choose from and try a home-based transcription job. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced transcriber, these companies should help you earn an extra income. We hope this list helped you find the best company you can work with and add some extra bucks to your account monthly.  

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