Set Your Own Schedule by Starting Your CTFO Business

By choosing to join CTFO as an associate, there are two major ways in which you can benefit from the company economically. The first is by selling the CBD products the CTFO offers its associates and customers. Due to the massive range of products that CTFO offers, you are going to be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to get their hands on one of these product types.

These products range anywhere from health-related products like creams for chronic pain and pure hemp CBD oil drops to anti-aging serums, wrinkle removers, moisturizing creams and lotions, facial cleansers and eye creams, as well as facial toners and skin rejuvenation options. If you are on the nutrition side of the trend, CTFO offers pure hemp CBD capsules, pain relief oral sprays, weight loss oral sprays, sleep, relaxation, and concentration sprays. CTFO even offers a few products for your pet’s wellness as well, with sprays and drops for pain, chew treats, and pet conditioning shampoo.

The second way you can benefit economically as a CTFO associate is by referring others to join your team. The great thing about having teamwork together is that the compensation plan allows anyone to succeed. There are no purchases required for personal enrolment commissions and CTFO has some of the easiest qualifications in the industry for commission earnings.

What is CTFO Business

Benefit From Joining CTFO

• The business is free-to-join and you automatically qualify for a 20% payout of all commission volumes on orders. These commissions are paid out on the Wednesday following the initial order.

• There are no personal purchase requirements needed to receive the 20% commission.

• There are no limits or caps on how much you can earn each qualifying week.

•Any CTFO associate OR customer who refers to someone who purchases a product or package is entitled to earn the 20$ commission. This means that even if you do not purchase anything yourself from the company if someone you refer (associate or customer) buys something, you earn!

How CTFO’s Compensation Works and How You Get Paid

There are four ways in which you get paid through CTFO’s compensation program. Here is what they are and how they work.

• Retail Profits: all products offered to you are offered at a discounted wholesale price. Retail prices are about 30% higher than the wholesale price, meaning every customer that purchases from you will do so at the retail price, earning you 30% on every sale.

• 5 Levels of Payment (Unilevel Pay): you receive a commission for every person you personally enroll as well as every person that they enroll. This goes down five levels deep with each level after the first (second, third, fourth, and fifth) paying out 4% of each commission volume. View the Compensation Plan Chart:

• Regenerating Matrix Pay: to put this simply, there are twenty-one levels that you can get paid from through the matrix with levels 1-5 paying out 1%, 6-7 paying out 10% and 8-21 paying out another 1%. This ends up paying out 39% of your total CV commission amount. This is designed for teams to earn residual income and can generate large checks because of the profit-sharing positions provided.

Profit-sharing positions which are automatically generated for you through the profit-sharing program. Every position is an additional income center that you will earn after your third referral. These positions are free to gain and are placed into your regenerating matrix, but the best part about them is that every PSP automatically qualifies for the same rank you are in pay potential. Plus, you get to keep them with no strings attached. If they stop ordering, you keep them and you don’t have to enroll more to stay qualified.

•Infinity Bonus Pay: provides you with a percentage of your entire team’s commission volume. With each higher rank, you obtain, the infinity percentage goes up.

With how the CBD oil market is booming, there is a lot of potentials to not only help people with their health and wellness goals but to gain economically from it. What makes CTFO different than other networking opportunities is you do not have to push people to buy, because they are going to get their CBD oil from somewhere, it might as well be from you! Sign Up For Free 


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