How to Start Your Own CBD Business Without Any Sales Experience

Cannabidiol, or more commonly referred to as CBD, is arguably the hottest commodity in the present time across the global market. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, yet it has a noticeable difference in chemical properties from another popular cannabis product called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In simple words, CBD is the substance that does not introduce any psychotic disturbance to the body; it does not get you “high” and is used primarily for medical purposes although this does not limit its function as recreational drug albeit with some limitations depending on where you live.

According to CBD Century, the cannabis plant has been used since ancient times in many different regions across Europe and Asia. The most popular product from the plant had always been THC, the psychoactive component of the plant until CBD made a comeback in the late 1990s. There have also been on-going studies about the potential medical purposes of CBD, and the results are promising so far. In all honesty, both THC and CBD offer more or less the same health benefits but the latter does not cause detrimental side effects commonly associated with the former for example memory loss, increased heart rate, and coordination problems.

CBD saw a significant increase in popularity during the last decade all around the globe, while THC slowly comes to a decline at the same time. Positive effects of CBD were initially supported simply by anecdotal accounts but continuous scientific research from reputable organizations has given a boost in adoption rate by the medical world. Therefore starting a CBD business has never been easier, either. It is believed that CBD is helpful in treating various health conditions including but not limited to:

Alzheimer’s disease-Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiapoptotic

Anxiety-Reduction of restlessness, social anxiety, and concentration problem

Cancer-Anti-invasive actions in various types of cancer types

Cardiovascular diseases-Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties


Huntington’s disease-Antioxidant and Neuro-protective

Inflammatory diseases-Anti-inflammatory properties

Multiple sclerosis-Anti-inflammatory properties.

Nausea-Nausea suppressant

Pain-Analgesic in patients with neuropathic pain

Parkinson’s disease-Neuro-protection, reduction of agitation and aggressive behavior

Psychosis-Anti-psychotic properties

A pre-review report published by World Health Organization (WHO) on CBD, particularly about its medicinal properties and dependency potential in October 2017 suggested that the substance had been proven effective for the treatment of epilepsy in several clinical trials. A lot of other benefits, among them, are mentioned above, are still in the testing phase mostly on animals.

That being said, CBD has strong indications to introduce positive effects to improve a wide range of health conditions thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and therapeutic properties. Regarding CBD dependence potential, no case report of abuse was found. Even better, there has been no public health-related problem associated with the use of pure CBD as of October 2017.

How to Start Your Own CBD Business

Legality Issues

Several countries have changed their national policies regarding controlled substances to include CBD as a medical product. Aggressive and on-going campaign to promote the legality status of CBD has managed to win strong approval from medical communities, the public at large, and government bodies. The debate is still happening, but things do look good so far for CBD. Some countries where CBD has been legalized include:

• United Kingdom: the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) released a statement in 2016 to categorize products containing CBD as medicine. They are all subjects to standard licensing requirements.

• United States: according to Vice, there is ambiguity surrounding the legality of CBD in the U.S. Despite the less-than-definitive bills, anyone in the country can purchase CBD oil online without issues right now. At least 40 states have passed the bill to authorize pilot programs in which cultivation is allowed for research by the state department of agriculture and universities.

• Canada: the legislation passed in 2016 by the Canadian government addressed not only the legality of CBD but also the cannabis plant in general for medicinal purposes. The legislation was written to improve access to the previously controlled substances.

• New Zealand: by the end of 2017, CBD products became easier to access for medical use. The rule applies only to products containing less than 2% CBD.

• Switzerland: because CBD does not produce any psychotic effect, it is completely legal in the country. Standard legislation still applies to CBD.

The laws governing CBD in all countries are always subject to change. Considering the fact that scientific studies, as well as public opinions, are leaning heavily towards CBD, it would not be surprising if more states and countries begin to legalize the substance in the near future. For those thinking of starting a CBD business, there isn’t any better time than right now.

Starting a CBD Business

While total legality remains to be seen in many countries, it is almost certain that CBD is going to see a substantial increase in demand over the next decade. Current information and statistics regarding sales numbers and overall market projections of CBD come from the United States where there is probably the biggest market for the product. While legal stance is a constant barrier in other regions, productions keep on increasing in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

According to Statista, consumer sales number is estimated to reach $1.15 billion in 2020 in the U.S. alone. Hemp Business Journal projected that it would increase to $2.1 billion in the global market. In case you have considered starting a CBD business of your own, CTFO is most likely the biggest chance you have available. It allows you to earn a steady stream of cash from either of the following methods:

• Direct sales: all CBD products available from CTFO contain pure CBD as stated in the labels ( See CBD Product Labels )  Directions and all ingredients used for the manufacturing process of the products are clearly stated to avoid confusion among potential consumers. The labels also specify the exact amount of CBD contained in the packaging also ( See CBD Products Catalog ) You are allowed to market and sell every product in the way to see fit to maximize your profit. Watch the Compensation Plan Video:

• Referral: the easier method is to use CTFO sales platform with which you are required to generate leads or refer the business model to others through websites. The best thing is that CTFO provides the websites, contents, and updates at no cost at all. All you need to do is share the website with potential consumers and earn a percentage of income from everyone who registers.

The referral model is more preferable as it requires very little sales experience (if at all) on your part. The marketing platform can be both offline (through words of mouth marketing) and online by taking advantage of social media and email newsletters. Sign up now for FREE and open the door to lifetime passive income. Since everything is free of charge and without hidden costs, you have no worries and nothing to lose in joining. If you Join Our Team You will Recieve Our Free Marketing Plan Exclusively For Our Team Members. 


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