CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray

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CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray is designed to calm the body and promote relaxation in the body and brain, while helping to dissipate stress.


Give your body a break! Our CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray is designed to calm the body and promote relaxation. Our formulation is infused with a blend of CBD and organic ingredients to help stimulate relaxation in the body and brain, while helping to dissipate stress. CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray is great for those who live an active lifestyle!

2 reviews for CBD Anti-Stress Relaxation Oral Spray

  1. Kathy

    Anti-Stress Oral Spray
    I have dealt with bouts of nervousness and or lack of desire or sadness for years And have been using the CBD oil daily since the middle of January. Since using the oil I have not had any problems with these feelings. My days have been pretty smooth and outlook on life very positive. I’ve also noticed a difference in energy through the day. I used to have serious bouts of no energy at all in the afternoon and early evening. I have literally fallen asleep sitting up. All that has pretty much faded since using the oils. But sometimes life smacks you around when you least expect it.
    I made a call to a customer service office to ask a question and somehow a simple call took a wrong turn. I was very upset with the call, to the point that I was hyper-ventilating and unable to talk. Level of severity, 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.
    After hanging up I called back to speak to a manager but I was unable to control my emotions (hurt feelings, not anger)while asking a different rep for a manger. When I was put on hold I remembered I had something that could help. Anxiety and Stress relief spray to the rescue!!! Not only did it calm me down within 2 to 3 minutes but it also saved the manager from having to deal with me while hyper-ventilating and crying. I was able to stay fairly calm and breath while talking to him. I was also able to continue with my day. In the past, an episode like that would drain all my energy I would be done for the day. Sometimes you get blind-sided and a peaceful day is turned upside down. But I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m armed with CTFO’s Anti-Stress Spray! Feeling Thankful for CTFO

  2. Peter

    I suffer from an altered sense of well-being and sleeplessness from a car accident that happened on my 25th birthday a decade plus ago. July 11, 2008 forever changed many lives. By the grace of God I survived. My dearest and longest friend wasn’t so lucky. A tragic car accident. Neither drugs nor alcohol, nor speeding were factors. It was simply just a tragic very sad car accident.

    I have tried therapy and counseling. Prescription medications to boot. You name it I’ve tried it. Only three things coupled together work for me truly: select CTFO CBD products, Medical Marijuana via the Florida Compassionate Registry, and also another supplement that I won’t be naming here as it violates the guidelines and would be considered self-promoting.

    What I can talk about is the anti-stress relaxation oral spray by CTFO. As well as the energy blast oral spray. They do exactly what their names exclaim, and allow me the opportunity to keep moving forward in life.

    Neither spray is an end all for my issues but it is an assistance that I am thankful for.

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