4 Network Marketing Tips To Grow Your Cbd Oil Business

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is a popular natural remedy used for various common ailments. Obtained from the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis Sativa, it is one of the 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids.  According to, the total U.S. consumer sales of CBD from 2014 to 2016 increased from $108.1 million to $262.2 million respectively. In fact, by 2025, CBD consumer sales are expected to amount to 23 billion dollars.

Obviously, it’s a favorable condition for all the CBD business owners who want to make more profit from selling CBD oil online. However, finding an effective way of marketing CBD products online because of strict advertising regulations can be challenging. Thus, you need to know various network marketing tips for promoting CBD online without advertising. Let’s take a look at these 4 effective CBD network marketing tips to grow your CBD business online.

Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success

1) Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is an incentive that the marketers offer to potential customers in exchange for their personal information such as email addresses or other contact details. Thus, using lead magnets is a proven digital marketing tactic that provides value to the user and converts a potential buyer into a paid client.

Usually, free PDFs, eBooks, videos, etc are, offered to the lead magnets. If you want to attract more email subscribers for your business, lead magnets can help you effectively. The core idea of this tactic is to create a valuable source of information that you provide for free to the lead magnets.

For instance, it can be an article on “The Free Ultimate Guide To CBD Oil All You Need To Know”. You can also promote this lead campaign on Facebook and Instagram for capturing more leads. This is a great network marketing tips because first, it increases the awareness of your brand and the products. Secondly, it builds your brand credibility. If the user finds the information valuable, they might share it with their friends who can later become future clients of your CBD products. Lastly, it increases your email marketing list. You have more contacts to target for promotion.

2) Blogging

Without any doubt, advertising CBD oil online has considerable risk. But that does not imply that you cannot successfully promote CBD oil without paid ads. One of the most effective and useful network marketing tips for targeting the untapped market is content marketing. In fact, a lot of people actively search for information on CBD products, health benefits of CBD oil, where to buy it from, etc.

A proven way to use content marketing to grow your business is by SEO optimized blogs. Your potential customers search for answers to their queries by using certain keywords. Thus, you can publish relevant blogs on your websites that clarify the doubts of your target marketing.

Not only do you save a lot of money on paid ads, but you can increase the online visibility of your brand by using organic search. In addition, content marketing drives more website traffic from organic search results on Google and Bing. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about CBD advertising regulations if you are using this secure method.

3) Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a highly successful network marketing tip if executed with strategy. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways of promoting your brand digitally, In fact, in a report by Statista, in 2019, the number of people who use email on their phones is expected to grow from 232.8 million to 251.8 million.

You can send CBD related newsletters, relevant blog content, product reviews, and product launch announcements via email to drive potential customers to your website and online store. Moreover, email marketing will help you keep your prospects updated about your CBD products. Interestingly, as per a report of Neilsen, 28% of U.S. online shoppers subscribe to a brand’s emails in order to stay updated. This means that CBD users will also do the same for their favorite CBD brands and products.

Another study gave some interesting results. 59% of the respondents agreed to sign up for regular email updates for a reward. In addition, 41 % responded that they would share personal details and purchase behavior. Thus, using email marketing has its own advantages. It helps you to build effective communication with your prospects and customers and reach the target audience on any device.

4) Influence & Affiliate Marketing

To stand out from your competitors, you require a high level of engagement from the target audience on social media channels like Instagram. You can market CBD oil on Instagram by using influencers who will talk about your product with their followers. Not only will you be able to cover a broader market, but you can also reduce your overall marketing spend.

In fact, you can take the services of the many bloggers who write CBS related articles that attract thousands of people. A sponsored post on their website will help you increase your brand awareness, create credibility and expand the reach of your product to a wider market. But before hiring a blogger, it would be wise to research the most popular CBS related blog and choose the one who synchronizes with your brand. You can also offer the bloggers a beneficial affiliate marketing program.


Globally, the CBD oil industry is booming. Most of the entrepreneurs are searching for methods to develop their CBD oil business and gain a substantial amount of revenue. CTFO can help your business grow by using effective network marketing tips for increasing sales of your CBS products online.

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