Is Network Marketing a Good Career for Anyone?

Did you know?

That there’s a business model where you did not need to create your own product? A business model where you could just sell someone else’s products and make a profit every single month?

It’s called networking marketing.


You might ask:

Is network marketing a good career for me? Well, network marketing is indeed a good career, but only for a select few. For most others, it can be a waste of time.

So, is it for you?

Find out in this comprehensive article about network marketing.


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Understanding Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business model that requires you to network to make sales. It is quite similar to affiliate marketing with one major difference: YOU will do the selling with an MLM and not just drive traffic to the affiliate link. Read Here: Reasons Why CTFO Is one of the best CBD MLM Companies

Most often, this is carried out with a salesperson bulk-purchasing product from the manufacturer and then selling them on their own, often to their friends and family. This business model exists in numerous production fields including popular companies selling products such as clothing, makeup, and household goods.

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The 2 Types of Network Marketing and How They Work

best CBD MLM Companies

There are 2 ways that network marketing organizations work. You will need to understand both before deciding to pursue an opportunity in this industry.

The first way is how equitable and successful network marketing organization work and is how all companies try to represent themselves. Secondly, it is the reality of a majority of the network marketing companies and it is crucial to make sure that you’re not actually joining this 2nd type.

The ideal makeup of a reputable network marketing company is one in which high-quality services and products are sold to the salespersons who then sell those products to people for a profit. For the company to work in this matter, it is crucial that the products fit a hole in the market. They also need to be sold to the salespersons at prices that allow for markups while still making a profit.

In companies like this, the salespersons can be their own boss and control their own hours. Meanwhile, on the organization’s side, they can benefit from externalizing the sales force by reducing the marketing costs, since it is usually up to the sellers to promote their events and products.


Most network marketing organizations don’t meet the same standards as the above structure. More often than not, the majority of the sales will come in the form of marketing and selling starter packages for new salespersons. Meaning, after buying in with the starter purchase, most participants will either lose money or make money by selling the starter packages of their own to new salespersons.

Thus, creating a system where most of the profits are directed to only a small percentage of the early adopters, whereas the rest of the new salespersons end up struggling to earn money or more often losing money.

3 Things To Look For In A Legit MLM

Is Network Marketing a Good Career for Anyone

AS you can see, not all MLMs are created equal. So, if you want to be a part of the legit ones, here are 3 non-negotiable things that an MLM company should offer you.

1) Sell Online

If the MLM company prohibits you from selling their products online, then the growth of your business is going to be limited— primarily to your family and friends. It is not impossible to grow a local MLM, however, it will be so much harder to do so.

So, before you sign up with them, check the restrictions. Are you allowed to run ads and drive traffic in other ways? Are you allowed to sell the products online?

These questions along will determine how successful your network marketing business will be.

2) Have Your Own Online Store

Now, if the MLM allows you to sell products online, you need to have an online store. Most MLMsnow let you create an online store on their own platform.

With an online store, you can control the experience of your customers and allows you to build your own business easily without being too closely tied to the organization. You can grow however you want to grow, use sales funnel, and build a legit business more easily.

3) Earn High Commission

Find out how much commission you get for each sale.

This is the core of a legit and good network marketing organization. You need to be able to afford various types of ads and still make a profit when someone purchases.

The higher commission, the better.

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Is Network Marketing A Good Career?

So, let’s go back to the main question:

Is network marketing a good career for you to try?

Well, it can be contingent on a few factors. These include:

  • The Effort You Make

Most people have the illusion that network marketing can make quick money. After a few weeks and months of dismal results, they either become inactive or quit. Even worse, they write off their experience as a scam.


Fact: MLM is a small business.


And just like any other business, you need to work hard for years before you start seeing results. If this is not an option, then a network marketing business, and any business in general, is not suitable for you.

  • Your Tolerance To Volatility

In any business, income is never stable nor guaranteed. As a starting MLM entrepreneur, you might experience months of decent earnings then followed by nothing. The business will not produce reliable passive income for several years.

Such volatility can be emotionally draining and stressful, particularly for those with such high expenses. You need to be prepared for swings in your earnings and have money management skills.

3) How You Spend Your Earnings

It is common to spend your earnings in your network marketing on training packages and upgrades. Most companies will encourage you to do, claiming it as an investment for yourself.

While it is true, most people often go overboard. They will dump most of their earnings back into the company and leaving little for themselves which can often dry you buy.

Consider investing in activities that can have direct produce revenue. For instance, hosting a recruitment seminar instead of spending on sales training, thinking that the skills you learn will be worth it.

4) The Right Company

The market is filled with MLM junkies— people hopping from one network marketing company to the next. They are the ones abandoning their former company every time a shiny new business appears.


This frequent jumping ship can preclude you from spending time on your venture and growing a business. You need to find and stick to the right firm.

Tips To Succeed In Network Marketing

frelancing business ideas

Since succeeding in network marketing firms is challenging, every edge and tips you can get will be useful to the success of your journey.

Consider Your Passion

When you enjoy what you are doing when selling products, you are not only happier but also means that your business will go well. When you have the passion or love for the type of products that you are selling, then it is easier for you to advocate for them and make more sales.

Go With Quality Products

It is crucial that you find the products that both you and your audience or customers can believe in. Choosing high-quality products that

people will want to buy is crucial to position yourself for success as a professional in network marketing.

  • Research, Research, Research

There’s no phase of looking for a good company to work with that’s more important than serious research. The more data and information your find about various companies, the more effective you’ll be at choosing the one worth your money and time.

So how do you find the right one?

  • Offers good service or products
  • No hidden costs
  • Quality marketing
  • Well-established systems
  • Legally compliant
  • A good compensation plan

  • Talk To Sellers

When you have narrowed down a list of the best companies, consider speaking with multiple sellers who are already working for the MLM company and not trying to sell you the starter pack.

Removing the financial incentive of pitching, it allows you to get an honest assessment of their experience with the organization. Also, try to search for online reviews to see how contented and happy other salespersons are.

  • Determine Where The Sales Come From

Probably the most crucial distinctions between a fraudulent operation and a viable sales opportunity are where the sales go.

If profitable salespersons are getting the most of their sales from new salespersons buying into the company, then that’s not a successful business. Avoid that organization.

Success under such a structure requires you to find family or friends to fund your business and stops with a level of sellers who take the losses. You do not want that for yourself or anyone, so you’re better served by finding a stronger and more reliable opportunity to pursue.

  • Understand Upline Policies

Most network marketing firms include complicated upline policies where a part of your sales is paid to the person who recruited you to the company, continuing up the chain to who they joined under.

In this case, business is very lucrative for those at the top. Newer salespersons, on the other hand, struggle to make money since they are always missing out on a portion of their sales without the corresponding payments to offset their loss. So, always seek out a firm where you can success on the strength of your sales alone.

Advantages of Network Marketing

  • Work with the products you believe in: With various types of network marketing companies, you can find a field you are passionate about, allowing you to make it easier for you to sell.
  • You’re the boss: Although the company may set rules on how you sell or market their products, you have the freedom of how you make a sale. You have the flexibility to work as little or as much as you want.
  • Fun sales parties: Probably the most popular methods of network marketing is party hosting where you show off products you have for sale, typically to family and friends. They are a fun way to show off the products you sell while also spending quality time with others.
Is Network Marketing a Good Career for Anyone?

Disadvantages of Network Marketing

  • Slow sales build intense pressure: If you struggle to sell products, then it can become a stressful financial experience for you.
  • Uncomfortable for some: Holding the event of a sale with your family and friends can be enjoyable, however, for some it can be uncomfortable since the attendants can feel pressured to buy the products you’re promoting.
  • Not easy money: The exact success numbers for the network marketing companies can vary. However, the majority have low success rates. You will have to work really hard in order to start seeing results.
  • Most MLM companies misrepresent themselves: Today, it can be difficult to tell a legit opportunity from the unreliable one, since most companies with low success rates tend to obscure information. Most companies will display their data creatively, highlighting a few nice information, and removing the negative elements.

Final Thoughts

Is Network Marketing a Good Career for Anyone

Network marketing can be a great career to pursue. If you build a team of hard-working individuals, then you can do quite well and the passive income that can be produced will look promising. Plus, it is a great way to reach financial independence.

However, MLM has its own pitfalls. Perhaps the most common is people being convinced that network marketing leads to easy money, only to be disappointed afterward.

In conclusion, network marketing is a good career if you can make an informed decision and work hard towards success. However, if you can’t commit to these, then you need to look elsewhere.

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