7 Legitimate Online Jobs Where You Can Earn Over $1K a Month

Legitimate Online Jobs 

Working from home, creating a livable income, and setting your own hours is the dream of many Americans. From stay-at-home-moms to introverts to executives – everyone wants to set their own terms and choose their own income. Here are seven legitimate online jobs where you can earn over $1,000 a month working from the comfort of your own home.



1) Online Tutoring

If you have an aptitude for all things learning-related and enjoy helping others grasp concepts and absorb information, there are a plethora of online tutoring jobs available. You can choose to focus on a particular subject, choose to focus on a particular grade level or even a particular language. Legitimate online jobs as a tutor can be found at companies like:


a) Brainmass
b) GoFluent
c) Chegg Tutors



2) Social Media Manager

Do you know your way around the social media world? Can you write and schedule social media posts, choose attention-grabbing images, curate content, and resources, and identify target markets? If so, you can make a healthy income as a social media manager. Check out these companies that offer legitimate online social media management jobs, like:


b) ICUC Moderation
c) Fiverr



3) Task Master

Many people who work from home find themselves short on time. They’re happy to pay someone to complete routine tasks that aren’t difficult but are time-consuming. Many companies have been created that allow you to cherry-pick everyday tasks that you complete for cold hard cash. Check out these companies that offer task-related, work at home jobs:


a) Task Rabbit
b) Handy
c) Thumbtack



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4) Childcare

If part of your reason for working from home is to spend more time with your growing family, you may be able to create a seriously respectable income by caring for other children while you care for your own. Moms love and appreciate quality, individual childcare. They value it overcrowded daycare centers and will happily pay a premium for it. Caring for two children in addition to your own can create an income your whole family will appreciate.

a) In-Home Childcare



5) Customer Service Representative


A quiet place to work, an old school landline phone, and a pleasant demeanor are all you need to snag a legitimate online job as a telephone customer service representative. This one might not be ideal for work at home moms with small children underfoot, but if you’re looking for a lucrative income opportunity, check out the following companies:


a) Apple
b) Uhaul
c) Convergys



6) Appointment Setters

Cold calling is not everyone’s strong suit. It takes a lot of moxie to make unexpected sales call over the phone, generates legitimate leads, and secure appointments. Appointment setters, though, are well paid for their skill and expertise. Check out the following companies and get started today on a legitimate online job you can be proud of:


a) Brighten Communications
b) Executive Scheduling Associates
c) Paragon Planners



7) Virtual Assistant

With the growing trend of entrepreneurs and small business ownership, virtual assistants are making a cool mint. Performing all manner of tasks from phone calls to written correspondence to research, virtual assistants are an invaluable asset in today’s digital world. While many virtual assistants start their own businesses, there are a number of companies that offer legitimate online jobs for VAs and pay them well. Some of those include:


a) Zirtual
b) Fancy Hands
c) Red Butler


The ideal job for you is out there. A little research into the jobs we’ve listed above may turn up the right source of income in the right settings for you. Start going through them today and say goodbye to long commutes, corporate attire, and demanding hours. Your wallet will appreciate it and you’ll love the freedom of working for yourself, but not by yourself. if you’re looking to start your own business from home Check Us Out Now!



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