How You Can Make Money Online With CTFO CBD Oil Business

As the legalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis sweeps across North America, the stigma around the consumption of cannabis, in all of its forms, and the purchasing of cannabis-related products like bongs, grinders, and rolling trays is waning as a result. As such, the cannabis market is expected to grow from USD $10.3 billion (2018) to 39.4 billion by 2023 according to Markets and Markets .

Why? More and more individuals are speaking out about the amazing benefits that this plant has had for them, resulting in more products being bought and more opportunities arising for individuals to jump into the cannabis experience. One such opportunity is CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome), a free-to-join company that offers individuals interested in the CBD market, an accessible and affordable business opportunity that allows them to make money online through the buying and selling of CTFO certified products that are safe, reliable, and lab-tested. With this said, let’s take a look at how CTFO works as a business, how you can make money with them, and why it is the best option out there for making money from home.

How Do You Become a Part Of CTFO?

Simply sign up through their website or through someone you know who already has an account and become an associate or customer. For those wanting to make money online with CTFO, join as an associate and enjoy a free website, training materials, and access to wholesale prices on products. No payment information is required to join as an associate since the business side of the company is free for all.

How To Make Money Online With CTFO CBD Oil

All CTFO associates qualify to receive a 20% payout commission on every customer or associate they refer into the company who purchases product. You automatically qualify for this 20% on all commission volumes for each qualifying week, without needing to purchase product yourself. If you choose to do so, you can use the compensation plan laid out below to max out how much commission you earn each week.

What Does The Compensation Plan Look Like for CTFO Associates?

For those who decide to become associates of CTFO, the compensation plan gives you four routes of access to income.

1) Retail Commissions: to earn retail commissions, you must sell the product either through your online website or in-person to a customer. All products that are offered to you within your back-end office are given at a discounted wholesale price. The retail prices are about 30% higher than the wholesale price, meaning that if you sell in-person, you are going to make a higher commission than if you sell through your website. Now if you sign someone up through your website, you are still going to earn a commission, it’ll just be 20% of whatever the given commissionable volume is for that product. Regardless of what route you go, you’ll be earning a profit on every single product you sell.

2) 5 Levels of Payment (Unilevel Pay): you receive a commission for every person you personally enroll as well as every person that they enroll. This goes down five levels deep with the first level paying you 20% commissions on commissionable volume, while levels two-five paying out 4% of each commission volume.

3) Regenerating Matrix Pay: to put this simply, this is considered a separate downline which every single associate is placed into when they join. This is a 3×21 matrix, where each associate will have a maximum of three people under them. This matrix has 21 levels, of which levels 1-5 pays out 1%, 6-7 pays out 10% and 8-21 pays out another 1%. As you can see, teams that are relatively large can earn a nice chunk of residual income.

4) Another part of the matrix comes in the form of profit sharing positions. These are automatically generated for you and provides you with the potential to earn additional income as every third referral creates a new matrix for you, with you at the top. Gaining a new position in the matrix is free and they pay you out based on your current rank. Keeping them is easy, as they come with no requirements.

5) Infinity Bonus Pay: provides you with a percentage of your entire team’s commission volume. This percentage increases based on how high up you are ranked. The maximum amount earned is 19% of the total commissionable volume of your team which is divided up based on who is ranked in what position. To give an example of this, the “Top Gun Pool” and the associates who are ranked as “Top Gun” will receive a portion of the 6% of all commissionable volume generated at the end of each month.

Why Is CTFO the Best Option for Making Money in the Cannabis Market?

There are five major reasons why CTFO beats every single other option on the market for making money online. Not only is the income you make sustainable but you do not need to pass any ranks or hit any checkpoints to start receiving income. Beyond this, the company is free to join and you do not need to hit certain personal volume qualifications each month just to keep your rank within the company, meaning you will not lose out on access to the above compensation plan as you will never lose access to your downline. Here is a more in-depth look at these points.

1) The Income Is Sustainable: new affiliates are going to enjoy a steady and sustainable income right off the hop and with hard work, may enjoy an explosion in growth but it won’t be wildly disproportionate to the number of sales you are making as the markup on products are not outrageous.

2) The Compensation Plan Pays From The Start: for those who are new to this type of business and may not have a large contact list they can tap into, it can be hard to earn income in most MLM companies. With CTFO, this is not the case because you can earn a commission without ever buying the product; all you need is to get sign ups which can be done online through the free website CTFO provides. No cold-calling required!

3) No Car Bonuses or Big Incentives: with CTFO, there are no big incentives to get you selling more, there are no car bonuses, and there are no qualifications that provide you with prizes. If you truly want to purchase a new vehicle, you can do so with the commissions you earn from the company. If you do though, it will come all from your own commissions and through your own decision to head on over to the car buying lot.

4) No Payment Details Required to Join: it is completely free to join the company. You do not need to buy or pay for anything, including website hosting, advertising products, or training materials. Simply sign up with your personal information.

5) Maintain Your Affiliate Rank Without Autoship or Monthly Purchases: one of the major issues with a lot of other companies is that they require you to have a certain personal, monthly purchase volume in order to maintain your rank within the company. This can range from a few hundred to a few thousands a month, while still requiring you to hit a specific monetary threshold to max out the compensation plan. Beyond this, some companies also require you to have autoship enabled.

6) CTFO does none of this. You are not required to have autoship enabled but if you do, you will receive a 5% discount on the wholesale price. You will never lose your downline if you miss ordering for a month and there are two ways you can max out the compensation plan, either by purchasing $50 in product per month or have ten personally enrolled customers or affiliates that purchase a total of $50 a month in product.

As you can tell, it’s very easy to hit this threshold and even if you don’t, you will still get 20% commissions on anyone who buys that you have personally signed up. As you can see, the potential for making money online with CTFO is massive and relatively easy to do. Simply join up and enjoy the automatic qualification of 20% commissions on all orders without the requirement to purchase anything yourself. Sign Up For Free Here 


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