15 High Paying Online Jobs From Home -Over $45,000/Yr

Do you want to be debt-free? Are you looking for extra income? That suits your time and ability and resources. Are you unemployed? Or employed? A student? A stay-at-home-mother or father? A retiree? Or an explorer searching for a brand new opportunity to grow. Do not fit into physical-related jobs? Or cant do physical heavy works? You are on the right track. Here is a list of legit high paying online jobs. Find the job that suits your time and ability and even get paid for your passion or talent.

You don’t need to be a college degree holder to start. Newbie or experienced ones will fit into any of these online jobs. In this article, I will guide you to choose the right career or job that you can eventually earn cash without investing money.

Plus here is a list of legit sites including some information that gives free real cash and apps where you can save some extra cash.

But before jumping in, you must have the pieces of information you need to know to be more efficient in this industry. This article will help you understand and have a wide range of knowledge about online jobs.

I assure you that this is a worthwhile reading that will help you navigate the right path for you.


  • What you need to know about online jobs
  • Perks of working online
  • List of high paying at-home-online jobs  
  • Must-have apps to save money
  • Extra money making ideas

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What you need to know about online jobs

  • An online job is any job that is done online or virtually making use of technology and internet connections. An online job is any job where you do the work remotely or from home. Online jobs have a variety of fields such as writing, customer service, technical support, billing, education, web marketing, and business. Well, a lot of sites may pop up when looking for legitimate online paying jobs. Fraud job postings are inevitable, so the best way to do is make some research before applying.

Perks of working online

  • Dressed in your most comfortable clothes, like wearing your favorite PJs, having your meal at proper times, sipping some drinks, a coffee maybe, chillaxing,ooohh you might be wondering if you could do your job with this? You will surely say ‘uh oh NO YOU CANT’. But if you are working online, you can definitely do that while doing your job.

Sounds great right? but wait there’s more, here are a few.

  • You can customize your office and it can be anywhere
  • You can work in a flexible time
  • You can save money from extra expenses
  • You can avoid the stress from your colleagues like in a traditional work setting
  • You can stay focused on doing your work
  • More time to be with your family and loved ones
  • You’ll be more productive and effective

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 High Paying Online Jobs you can do at home

1) Proofreading

What does a proofreader do?

  • The major role of a proofreader is that you have to carefully check and fix the errors in articles, written documents, and books before they are published or shared in public.

What are the qualifications to be a proofreader?

  • You don’t need to be a college graduate or a degree holder to be a proofreader.

As a proofreader, you just need to have a high level or sensitive attention to spelling and detail, punctuation and good grammar skills are essential to do proofreading.

How much do proofreaders earn?

  • Salary –$25-$44/ hour  and $30,000-$60,000/year

There are a lot of ways or sites that you can do proofreading from ebooks, website content, blog posts or any other online documents that need proofreaders. Proofreaders are in demand nowadays, you can check this link for proofreading jobs.

2) Virtual Bookkeeping

Job Description:

Virtual bookkeeping is the same as the regular bookkeeping services it is related to managing financial transactions in businesses. Virtual bookkeeper telecommunicates and uses computerized bookkeeping apps or software to post, review and update business accounts. As a bookkeeper, you are taking care of paying bills, making invoices and preparing money statements relevant to the business


  • It is not required to have a background in finance or accounting. If you have interests in managing financial transactions for business, whether it is a small or large business, this job will suit you.

            Salary: $60/ hour

3) Transcription

Job Description:

  • Transcription job is converting audio, video recordings or content into a written transcript. Transcription work may involve medical or legal, or general work.


  • Transcriptionist needs special skills in fast typing, accurate grammar skills and most importantly is patience.

Salary: $45,000/ year

4) Teach English Online

Job Description:

Teaching English online is also a high paying online job. As an English teacher, you need to teach English as a second language to any foreign clients. Most of the


As an English teacher, you must, of course, have a great sense to command English. You don’t need to have a college degree as long as you can teach correct grammar to help the clients write and speak English is good. But some companies require a degree holder,IELTS,TOEFL, and any other English related credentials.

Salary: $15-$25 per hour with your chosen schedule of time.

ctfo business

5) Freelance Writer

Job Description:

Freelance writing is producing any written material for someone’s article, blog or anything or whatever is needed by the client or company. You can earn money right after submitting the article.


As long as you have an interest in writing you can do this job and you can eventually build a full-time career with your flexibility.

Salary: $3,000/month

6) Illustrator

Job Description:

If you love arts or drawings, this job is for you. Make money by creating drawings for books, magazines, newspapers, online ads, packaging, and customized greeting cards. Illustrators make their drawings or art into a digital form.


As an illustrator, you need to to be creative and you must have a wide range of your skills in art.

Salary: $4,000/month

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7) Research Assistant

Job Description:

Make money from home by helping a researcher. You just have to participate in online research studies by giving feedback on their products. Feedbacks can be in the form of video or voice calls or surveys.


Must be internet savvy and you must have great communication skills in writing and in oral form.

Salary: $140/hour

8) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Job Description:

An SEO Specialist examines, reviews and executes changes to websites so that the websites are fully optimized for search engines. An SEO makes the site on the first rank on search engines.

Salary: $30/hour

9) Affiliate Marketer

Job Description:

Affiliate Marketer gets paid by promoting someone else’s product or services. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You just got to be an advertising model for someone’s or company’s products and services. Read Here: 10 Best Affiliate Programs to Join Today

You can do this advertising via social media using or leaving affiliate links on your promotions. By doing this so, the audience may buy the products or services you promote. And when someone buys or takes the services, you earn a commission.

Salary: $55,000/year

10) Stock Photographer

Job Description:

If you enjoy creating images, drawing, why not take this opportunity to earn while doing the things you love doing! Stock photography is creating an image in a digital form.

Stock photography is taking a good quality image and puts it to sale. These in-demand images on nature, food, lifestyle, and business are used for promotional purposes. You get money for every download that’s done.

There are a lot of markets online where you can sell your photos.

Salary: varies of rates

Ways to Earn Money Online

11) Real state Virtual Assistant

Job Description:

A real state virtual assistant works with a real state agent. The work is done remotely and it involves managing emails and social media, scheduling client appointments and organizing paperwork.

Salary: $25/hour

12) Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Job Description:

This job involves creating a Pinterest account, managing and pinning the contents, creating images, and joining group boards. You are getting paid for the promotion you do for Pinterest clients.

Salary: $50/hour

13) Scoping Jobs

Job Description:

 This is not a well-known job but this is taking on the lead in making money online. This job involves editing transcripts for court reporters. This doesn’t mean you need to deal with any of its legal aspects. The Court Reporters do that all you need to do as a Scoopist is to ensure that there are no errors, and the words are correct and properly punctuated on the documents.

Salary: $50,000/year

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14) Sell An eBook

Job description:

As an eBook author, you have to make or create an awesome book digitally and upload it on bookselling sites. You just have to write an ebook about any topic that is in-demand on the internet nowadays. Make a research on what is being popular or hot topics or trending topics. The sky is the limit in writing topics on ebooks. Content creators and bloggers will be your customers.

15) Blogging

Blogging can be done anywhere at any time. Bloggers share their interesting, funny, informative, or persuasive content on social media. Whether it is a personal content or a business content, you can earn as much as you can in posting.

Bloggers can earn as much as $45,000/year.

Must-have Apps to Save Money:


Under the drop shipping model, you don’t buy shoes from Bob until customers buy them from you. When they do, you have Bob ship them directly to the customer. Drop shipping is akin to the wholesale model, but with one crucial difference:

You no longer have to handle shipping, delivery, and inventory management.

Your drop shipper will do that for you, saving you an inestimable amount of time and money.

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Website Reseller Program

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This app will make your shopping more fun while being wise. Ibotta is a cashback app that gives back money when you purchase online with this app.


Paribus is the best money saving app when shopping online. This app will do the refund procedures you purchased online.


App for ios or android that gives Free Gift Cards for Scanning Barcodes.


If you are afraid to invest money, acorns is a great app for you. Acorns help you grow your investment funds. By saving just as little as 1$ you can start your investment. This app will automatically invest for you when shopping online.

Extra Money Making ideas:

If you are interested in business, CBD Oil business is a great company that allows you to make money online by buying and selling CTFO products.

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2. The app called Swagbucks is an app that gives PayPal money and/or free gift cards. All you need to do is use Swagbucks as your default engine search instead or using Google or Yahoo to earn points. You can redeem these points for cash and/or gift checks at Walmart, Amazon and other retailers.

Here’s the link Swagbucks

3. Survey Junkie is one of the most popular high paying survey sites. Taking surveys may be time-consuming, but Survey Junkie is a legit website that pays up to $50 per survey.

Here’s the link Surveyjunkie

All of the jobs stated above need a working computer and internet connection of course because you are going to work remotely.

Nothing comes easy as one two three, you have to invest some time, effort and patience to earn. The more eager you are to do the work the more you can earn money. Earning doesn’t need to be hard, and energy and time-consuming, you just have to learn and work in a wise way. Tons of ways are on-demand on the web nowadays. After reading this article, I hope you find an opportunity to build and grow your career online.

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