How to Archieve a Healthier Mane With Hemp Oil

The desire for healthy, thick, and fabulous-looking hair has been a cultural phenomenon for as long as we were able to wash our hair with naturally sourced soaps. So much so, that there are entire multi-million-dollar industries that specifically cater to developing, manufacturing, and producing shampoo, conditioner, and serums for your hair. Read Here: benefits of bamboo for hair

However, the downside to many of these store-bought products is that they have long ingredient lists filled to the brim with chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. These chemicals are not only harmful to our hair but they do not contain the natural ingredients our hair needs to stay strong and healthy. Hemp oil for hair, on the other hand, contains fatty acids, proteins, and numerous nutrients that are vital to hair growth, strength, and maintenance. With this said, let’s take a look at the benefits of using hemp oil for hair and a few ways you can use it to get that healthier mane you’ve always wanted.

Here is Why You Should Use Hemp Oil For Hair

1. It Stimulates Hair Growth: due to hemp oil having omega fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E, your hair will become thicker and longer. The fatty acids are what stimulate hair growth, the vitamin E makes your hair softer and allows it to hold more moisture, and the proteins provide extra nutrition. Beyond this, you will get better blood circulation to your scalp which helps stimulate hair growth.

2. It Will Strengthen Your Hair and Prevent Future Damage: when you have too much damage, your hair will become very brittle, it will split, and it will always be dry. When you use hemp oil for hair, it strengthens your hair which will help prevent breakage.

3. It Is An Amazing Moisturizer: hemp oil helps lock in moisture into the hair. Long-term hydration leads to your scalp and hair follicles absorbing more moisture in the long-run. Plus, hemp oil does not weigh down hair and it does not leave any residue!

4. It Can Give You The Volume You Want: because of how hemp oil strengthens hair and makes it grow faster, this ends up leading to more volume!

5. It Can Treat and Prevent Dandruff: everyone absolutely hates getting dandruff, not only is it embarrassing to have but it can become so uncomfortable due to how itchy it gets. Using hemp oil will open up the blood vessels in the scalp and increase the blood circulation to help fight the infection. It will also help moisturize the skin so you have less dandruff forming in the first place.

6. It Can Treat Scalp Infections: when itchy and dry skin is left untreated, it can lead to infections on the scalp. The fatty acids and linoleic acid will help treat existing infections and prevent itchy skin from returning.

7. It Will Add a Shine: best of all, because your hair will be properly nourished, you will have a significant boost in shininess!

How to Use Hemp Oil in Your Hair

One of the major benefits of using hemp oil is that it comes in many different forms and if put directly onto the hair, it is light and spreads out incredibly thin, making the application easy. If you choose to go with the direct route of putting hemp oil onto your hair, you do not need to worry about your hair looking wet or dirty as the hair will absorb it all in, and no it doesn’t get weighed down either.

To do this, separate your hair out into different sections and begin at the top of the scalp, massaging it into the scalp directly. Start off with about one teaspoon to one tablespoon of oil but keep in mind that if your hair is thicker, you may need more. Popular brands of hemp seed oil include Nutiva, Just Hemp Foods Cold Pressed, Sweet Essentials Unrefined, and Manitoba Harvest Cold Pressed.

If you would rather work hemp oil into your nutritional diet, you can consume it. It works best as a cooking oil, but it can also be made into dips, sauces, and salad dressing. Or, you can take it as an oral pill as well. Other than this, you can use hemp infused beauty products, but make sure you are reading the ingredients list as a lot of these may have other chemicals added in that detract from the benefits of the hemp oil for hair.

Several good brands include Hemp Hydrating Shampoo and The Wonder Seed Hemp Shampoo as both come with natural formulas, no artificial colors or fragrances, and are gentle on hair. If you want to get really fancy, you can even make your own hair masks and shampoos at home. Common recipes include using hemp oil with bananas, avocado, eggs, honey, essential oils, and aloe vera gel.

When you combine these ingredients together in a blender, you end up with a fabulous hair paste. If you go this route, leave the paste on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. All in all, no matter what form you use the hemp seed oil in, your hair will thank you!

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