Top 8 Reasons Why CTFO is One of the Fastest Growing MLM Companies

Regardless of what stance you take on the topic of cannabis, the market is poised to explode in the coming years as legalization for medicinal and recreational use continues to sweep across Canada and the United States. With the stigma around its consumption waning and the benefits becoming more prevalent, industries within the market are growing at a rapid pace.

According to the Hemp Business Journal, companies and projects within the industry are estimated to bring in roughly $2.1 billion by 2020, which is a 700% market increase over current recent years. One such company is CTFO, a free-to-join company that offers individuals an affordable and accessible business opportunity within the cannabis market, buying and selling CTFO certified products that are safe, reliable, and lab-tested. With this said, let’s take a look at why CTFO has become one of the fastest growing MLM companies within the industry.

CTFO The Fastest Growing MLM Companies

1) The Income Is Sustainable and Not Wildly Disproportionate:

Unlike other MLM companies that boast hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in profits, CTFO only really began to explode in growth when they opened up operations in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden. The key here is that new affiliates are going to enjoy a steady and sustainable income right off the hop and with hard work, may enjoy an explosion in growth but it won’t be wildly disproportionate to the number of sales you are making. This shows you that the markup on the prices of the products is fair and affordable.

2) The Compensation Plan Gets You Going From The Start:

For the little guys starting out, it may be intimidating because you do not have thousands of people you can bring over, you may not have a huge cold-calling contact list, and you may not even have anyone to pitch to. But, because you can earn money from anyone you sign up under you, without you ever buying the product, you can actually earn money in your very first week of being an affiliate.

3) No Goofy Car Bonuses and Big Incentives to Keep You Selling:

Some MLM companies offer car bonuses if you hit a certain rank in the compensation plan. Unfortunately, what these MLM companies do not tell you is that these bonuses are coming at the expense of the little guys in the company. CTFO does not have any type of car bonus or car qualifications and does not force you to lease a car and put the company’s logo on it. If you truly want to and you have the commissions to do it, you could go and lease yourself a new car but it won’t be coming from the company in the way of a specific bonus. It will come all from your own commissions.

4) You Do Not Need a Credit Card to Join:

It is completely free to join the company. You do not need to buy an affiliate kit, you do not need to pay for website hosting, and you do not need to pay anything to get marketing materials. To sign up, you just need your personal contact information and yes, that means no credit card is required at all.

5) Maintain Your Affiliate Rank Without Autoship or Monthly Purchases:

One of the major issues with a lot of MLM companies is that they require you to have a certain monthly volume in purchases in order for you to maintain your rank. This can be anywhere from $100-200 a month in product volume on top of the fact that you have to hit a certain monetary threshold to max out the compensation plan. In some companies, the higher the rank, the more purchase volume you need from your downline. What’s worse is that some MLM companies require you to order on a consistent basis (every month) in order to keep the downline that you worked so hard to build up.

CTFO does things differently in that they do not require a forced auto-ship, but if you do choose to use autoship, there is a 5% discount you get on the wholesale price. Plus, you never lose your downline if you miss a month and there are two ways you can max out the compensation plan. You either purchase around $50 a month of product or you have ten personally enrolled customers/affiliates that purchase around $50 a month in product. If you choose the second route, you don’t even have to buy a product if you do not want to and you’ll still get commissions. Beyond this, if you do not buy any product and do not have ten people under you, sure the compensation plan won’t be maxed out but you still get 20% commissions on anyone who buys that you have personally signed up. Watch the Compensation Plan Video:

6) CBD Oil Has Exploded in Popularity Due to its Benefits:

A lot of individuals are choosing to use CBD oil because of the benefits it provides. When taken correctly, CBD oil can help reduce inflammation in the body and provide pain relief, dramatically reduce seizures, it can fight against cancer and combat anxiety, and even treat sleep issues and reduce your risk of diabetes. The only issue with CBD oil for many people is that it comes with a high price tag. CTFO is looking to change that by providing the highest quality of CBD oil possible at the best price available.

CTFO is able to offer CBD oil at wholesale prices because they do not have to pay goofy car bonuses or insanely high commission bonuses to top reps. Rather, the company pays out a fair compensation to all affiliates which is what allows them to continue buying the highest quality product available on the market. The fact that their compensation model works this way is one of the many reasons why they are the fastest growing MLM companies.

7) They Are Investing Back Into The Company With Integrity:

Unfortunately, in the MLM networking business, you see a lot of companies create a very hostile and negative environment. Although this may not be intentional, it occurs because these types of MLM companies only care about profiting and bringing in new representatives and customers that create growth. This subsequently pushes representatives to do nothing but grow the company through hard sells and pushy sales tactics.

With CTFO, leadership is different in that the growth that the company sustains must come from a place of trust, integrity, and credibility. Meaning, that rather than pocketing the money from sales and pushing reps to bring in more individuals, they focus on investing the money from growth into new marketing materials, new website systems, and new tracking systems for current and new affiliates. In doing so, the company has showcased that although they care about growth, they care about their representatives first and foremost.

8) Some Quick Facts About Company As a Whole:

Beyond the above reasons, CTFO is one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the industry because the company is completely debt-free, the executive leaders do not take a salary as their income is built off of commissions like everyone else, and the company is operating in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, England, Sweden, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. The compensation plan is different from other MLM companies in that they do not offer a binary compensation plan, there are no “legs” or “trees” to balance, and if you miss a month of order, you do not lose your downline.

Final Verdict About CTOF The Fastest Growing MLM Companies:

Finally, the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee on empty bottles and has a massive selection of CBD products for customers and affiliates to choose from. It’s clear to see why the company is one of the fastest growing MLM companies in the industry, as everyone who signs up can earn money, enjoy a high-quality product, and positively change their life for the better.

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