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First Step After You Sign Up With CTFO:


After enrolling with CTFO, we often hear “What do I do next?” We’ve outlined some suggested activities for you below in a simple step-by-step format that’ll have you in business in no time! Try to invest your time daily and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. The following are steps to help grow your business and create a lifetime of residual income:


1. Order CTFO Products – Quality is important. CTFO offers the highest quality products; you’ll want to experience their amazing benefits. – Being a “product of the product” is one of the most important things you should do when building a successful business. You’ll have your own personal testimony to share with others and you’ll be living proof that the products truly work!


– Log into your back office https://office.myctfohub.com/
– Click on “Shop”


– Log into your back office https://office.myctfohub.com/
– Click on “Shop”
– Click on “Autoship Profile”

1.You receive a 5% Discount when ever you make an order
2. You receive the convenience of getting your product/s monthly
3. You can change or cancel your autoship anytime
4. For those building a business, it assures that you will always be qualified to receive commissions. Associates do not have to order to get paid 20% of the CV on personal enrollments. Associates do need to place a minimum $47 USA DOLLARS monthly order to get paid in the compensation plans matrix, uni-level & infinity.
5. There is no risk. There is a 60 day money back guarantee




Spend time on this CTFO CBD Legacy Team Page looking over previous posts to get updated on all the exciting announcements that have already been made. Make sure to visit this group page DAILY for up to the minute news. Use the SEARCH box to look things up.

Check out the amazing training videos in your back office. One of the buttons is called “LEARN AS YOU GO”. Do yourself a favor and at the very least, find time today to watch the first video, The Story Behind CTFO.

When you truly understand who this company is, and what we are apart of, you will need extra Sleep Spray when you go to bed tonight!

– Log into your back office https://office.myctfohub.com/
– Click on Training
– Click on Learn As You Go


3.Get familiar with the lucrative compensation with our free business & copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions 

Watch the Comp Plan Video

Review the Comp Plan Chart

Review the Comp Plan Document Overview 


4. Soon you will start making WEEKLY PAY. Once you do you need to set up your Global Payroll Gateway 

Wednesday is PAY DAY !!!

Make sure that CTFO has your Social Security Number or Tax ID

CTFO has chosen Global Payroll Gateway (GPG) to provide commission processing and payments worldwide. This is the fastest and most convenient way to pay members.

This system allows CTFO Associates to transfer their commissions to:
– Local Bank Accounts in 70+ countries (We will be bringing CBD to the World soon)
– Reloadable Visa, MasterCard or AMEX Paycards
– Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards or Debit Cards

Directions to Activate you GBG Account
– Log into your back office https://office.myctfohub.com/
– Click on “MONEY”
– Click on “GPG”

When you set up your GBG account, make sure to have the system send you a text message to your cell phone each time you get paid !!!!!

The first time you access your GPG Account, you will be prompted to complete a simple Activation Form



1. CTFO will place your commissions into your GPG Account each Wednesday.
2. You can access your GPG Account securely in your CTFO back office
3 Log into your GPG Account and transfer your commissions to your local Bank Account, Paycard, Credit/Debit Card“

Congratulations on becoming a part of the CTFO Family; we look forward to Changing The Future Outcome with you! Feel free to contact our Support Team with any questions.


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Duplication: How to succeed in CTFO pdf

42 Leads Generation Ideas pdf 

CTFO Corporate & Legacy Training Calls 

Craigslist Posting Video Tutorial  

HOW TO Win Friends AND Influence People pdf 

What CBD clinical trials are proving?

How Much Cbd Oil Should I take pdf 

Cbd Oil Instructions pdf 

Pinterest Strategies pdf 


Law of Success

Secrets of The Millionaire Mind 


FREE Banners That You can Use on Social Media – Click Here 

Also Some Free Banners You can use on Trafic Exchanges or Blogs 

<a href=”https://myctfo.me/domenigo/”><img src=”http://www.buildabizonline.com/BannerBuilder/banners/6734145776548781.png” /></a>


Change the first url https://myctfo.me/domenigo/ to your  https://myctfo.me/YOURUSERNAME/ and copy and paste this code.










Use Canva to Build Banners For Social Media Free OptionClick Here

Canva Tutorial: Create Beautiful Graphics Quickly, Easily, and for Free!



CTFO Order Tracking Information

1. Login at https://office.myctfohub.com
2. Clicked on “Your Name” located in the very top left hand corner
3. Click on “Receipts”
4. Click on the order you want to track


How  Use Traffic Exchange Sites for Network Marketing

The concept of traffic exchange is that of “I will take a look at your site, if you are going to have a look at my own.” Basically, within an ordinary traffic exchange, your website is displayed for a timescale of about 6-20 seconds each and every showing. Showings are based on how much credits you have (for example: 1 credit = 1 showing of your site).

Therefore, the more credits you have the more your website is displayed – more traffic to your site. Credits are acquired as you view the pages of other online marketers, however they may also be bought for a small charge.

I recommend that you do not go for upgraded version of any of these TE sites right away, try them out for free first. When you start to notice good results from using traffic exchange sites for your network marketing business, you can then take up the option to upgrade to a premium package to drive more traffic to your site.

At the end of the day, it is all about a numbers game. The more frequently your ads appear, the better your chance of generating leads into your funnel.

Here’s Some Of Traffic Exchanges Sites I Use:









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