Changing the Future Outcome – CTFO: The Ultimate Guide

Most of us have some sort of qualm, disparity, or dislike about our current life, whether it has to do with the pain and inflammation of everyday aches and pains or the inability to make enough money to build the life that we want. When you are stuck working a 9-5 job day in and day out, it can be really hard to ask yourself about how you can change your future and even if you are able to answer the question, taking action on that “how” can be difficult.

With Changing Your Future Outcome (CTFO) you can start an online business in the cannabis market with zero money down while enjoying a fantastic range of products that will help you with your pain, inflammation, anxiety, and discomforts. CTFO provides all associates with a free-to-start business opportunity, a free website, free marketing tools, and the potential to earn a significant income. Keep reading to learn more about the company and how you can get started.

An Overview of the CTFO Company

The health and wellness company known as CTFO or Changing the Future Outcome, is one of the fastest-growing companies within the cannabis health sector and specializes in providing hemp-based CBD oil products to consumers. While consumers can enjoy a wide variety of organic and affordable hemp-based products, individuals who are interested in starting up a business opportunity can do so for free. All the products provided by the company come with lab-backed tests and are both safe, reliable, and organic. The company was founded back in 2015 and now operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Sweden, Italy, with the aim to operate and ship products worldwide.

With this said, here are a few snapshot facts about the CTFO company.

1) All executive leaders have their income built off of commissions like everyone else in the company. No salaries going out to those at the top.

2) All cannabinoids are sourced from industrial farms in Kentucky, which are known to produce the best hemp in the United States.

3) CTFO does not offer a binary compensation plan, so you never lose your downline if you miss a month of orders. The compensation plan has no “legs” or “trees” to stand on and if you become inactive, you can still earn an income.

4) The CTFO company utilizes the CO2 extraction and crystal precipitation process. This is the most expensive and highest-grade process for extracting cannabinoids from hemp plants. It is Non-GMO, organic, and pesticide-free. This allows Changing the Future Outcome to distribute hemp-based products that are rich in CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC, otherwise known as, “full-spectrum” products.

5) The company is classified as an MLM or multi-level marketing company. It started off being called Chew The Fat Off which was targeting the weight loss industry but was instead changed to Changing Your Future Outcome.

The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on empty bottles and aims to empower people in the ability to serve others, in the capability to achieve positive health, and financially uplift those who want to start their own business within the cannabis market.

Beginning Your CTFO Business: How to Start the CTFO Business from Home

There are two ways in which you can start your own CTFO business. The first is by joining an already established CTFO team either through a recommendation or through a referral. There are plenty of teams that have their websites that allow you to book an application call to see if you would be a right fit with them. Simply pick a day, apply, and go through the process. Yes, it is free. Sign Up Here For Free 

The second way to start your own CTFO business is by heading to the main CTFO website and joining as an associate from there. Regardless of how you become an associate, you will be given access to promotional materials, training calls, and your very own website to begin your very own recruitment process. Now, keep in mind that you do not have to recruit people if you do not want too, as you are more than able to make an income off just selling the products. However, with the CTFO business, there isn’t as much “cold calling” required or “push tactics” as you would see in other MLM companies, as CTFO is built on integrity, honesty, and credibility. Once you have your website up and access to the promotional materials, simply start advertising and talking to people about it! Plus, making sales won’t be too hard since everyone wants CBD products nowadays!

Becoming an Associate: How to Become a CTFO Associate

To become a CTFO associate with Changing Your Future Outcome (CTFO), you need to sign up either through their online website which can be accessed here or through someone you know who already has an account and is an associate themselves. Joining CTFO as an associate is free and you are not required to stock any personal inventory to sell as everything is drop-shipped directly from the CTFO warehouse to your customers. Unlike other direct selling companies, you do not need to purchase any inventory yourself or hit any qualifications in order to earn 20% in commissions from those who you personally enroll as customers or CTFO associates. If you want to become a qualified or active CTFO associate, simply purchase $47.47 worth of product for yourself on auto-ship, $49.97 of product not on auto-ship, or have ten active and qualified enrolled associates or customers underneath you that you have personally enrolled.

What Associate Rankings Are There?

The associate rankings below have different qualification requirements and determine the income potential that is available to CTFO associates. There are 12 total rankings, all of which (except free-associate) are entitled to Unilevel and Matrix compensation plans, with the Infinity Bonus going to 25K Vice President and up.

1.Free Associate.

2.1st Level Manager.

3.2nd Level Manager.

4.Senior Manager.

5.Executive Manager.

6.$25K Vice President.

7.50K Senior Vice President.

8.100K Executive Vice President.

9.Presidential Director.

10.Senior Presidential Director.

11.Executive Presidential Director.

12.Top Gun.

CTFO Products Review: Enjoy CBD for Pets, CBD Gummies, and CTFO Oil

Changing the Future Outcome has a wide range of products, including anti-aging creams and wrinkle removers, neck and decollate creams, probiotic protein shakes, CBD oils, and even CBD products for your pets.

cbd oil anniston alabama

● CTFO has one of the largest product lines for hemp-based CBD oil. This includes full-spectrum oil drops that are high in CBD and low in THC (0.3% or less), isolate oil drops that have no THC at all, and 10X pure CTFO oil drops, which are hydrophilic. The 10X drops are easily absorbed into your body quickly to increase their potency.

● The CTFO anti-aging cream lineup is made to improve your natural elastin production, stimulate collagen production, and brighten up dull skin areas. It contains 20mg of cannabidiol and reduces age lines.

● The CTFO oil can be used with your pets too! It can help prevent a loss of appetite, aid in digestive problems, help reduce separation anxiety and aggression, as well as address seizures, pain, and inflammation.

CTFO is also looking at bringing CBD gummies to the lineup so that you can enjoy the health benefits of CBD through an easy to use edible.

What Does the CTFO Compensation Plan Look Like for Those Who Join as Associates?

While becoming a CTFO associate gives you access to a 20% commission without the need to qualify or purchase the product yourself, it is only a small portion of the payment plan. If you want to significantly increase your earning potential with CTFO, then you will want to lock into the CTFO compensation plan fully.

Currently, the CTFO compensation plan gives you five routes of access to income and we will detail them out here for you.

1. Earn Via Retail Commissions. In order to earn retail commissions, you must sell CTFO products at its full retail pricing, done either through your personalized online website or in-person with a customer. If you opt to sell to your customers via an in-person meeting, you simply purchase the products through your back-end office at the wholesale price and sell them to your customers at their retail price. The retail price on CTFO products are around 30% higher than the wholesale price that you pay as an associate, giving you a larger profit and commission if you sell in-person than if you were to sell from your website.

Now if someone decides to order from your website as a customer without signing up for an account, they will be charged the full retail price and you also keep the difference between the wholesale and retail pricing. The only catch here is that if someone buys from your website and makes an account to do so, the commission is just 20% of the commissionable volume of the product. Keep in mind though that 20% of the commissionable volume is paid from your unilevel pay, which is detailed below. Regardless of whether you sell in-person or from your website, you are still earning a profit on every product sold. Here is an example to showcase this.

a. In-person Example: if you sell a 500mg bottle of CTFO’s oil, the wholesale price is listed at $59.97. The retail price for this item is $80.97, which is a $21 difference in profit if you sell this item in-person.

b. Retail Website Example: if you sell a 500mg bottle of CTFO’s oil at retail price (customer does not sign up for an account), you will be paid out the $21 difference in the example above, as well as, 20% of the commissionable volume of the product. A 500mg CTFO CBD oil’s commissionable volume is 29, which nets you an additional $5.80 for total revenue of $26.80.

c. Website Purchase With Account Example: if you sell a 500mg bottle of CTFO’s oil to a customer who signs up for an account under you, you would only be paid out the $5.80. However, all future purchases that this customer makes will pay you out commissions.

2. Tap Into 5 Levels of Payment (Unilevel Pay). The unilevel payment system is the backbone of CTFO’s compensation plan as it runs five levels deep and can be infinitely wide. For every person that you personally enroll you receive a commission. For every person that your enrollees enroll, you receive a commission. On the first level, you receive a 20% commission on commissionable volumes, while levels 2-5 will pay you out an additional 4% in commission volume, in so long as you are an active or qualified CTFO associate.

3. Earn from a Separate Downline via a Matrix Structure. The matrix payment system is a separate downline in which every CTFO associate is placed into when they join. This downline pays out in addition to the unilevel pay in so long as you are an active or qualified associate. It is comprised of all CTFO associates, including those that you recruit, and works as a 3×21 matrix, where each associate is at the top of your own matrix and has a maximum of three people under you. This matrix has 21 levels, of which levels 1-5 pays out 1%, 6-7 pays out 10% and 8-21 pays out another 1%. While these percentages are small, they add up for a nice passive and residual income.

4. Generate Income from Profit Sharing Positions (PSP’s). This works as an extension on the matrix structure, taking every 4th associate that would normally be placed under you, into a new matrix with you at the top. This means that if your matrix has the three-maximum number of people under you and a 4th comes along, they will be placed in a new matrix under you with you at the top. This matrix fills up and the process is repeated. These profit-sharing positions are free to gain, and they pay you out based on your current rank. Keeping them is easy to do as they come with no requirements.

5. Tap into an Infinity Pay Bonus with Your Team. The infinity pay bonus comes from a pool that is comprised of your entire team and gives you a percentage of your entire team’s commission volume. The percentage amount increases based on how high up you are ranked, with the maximum bonus amount being 19% of the total commissionable volume. So how does this work?

● A Senior Vice President will earn a 4% bonus for their rank, as well as, a 3% bonus for their previous rank of Vice President (unless someone else is in this role). This earns them 7% in additional income from the infinity bonus pool.

● If an individual on the team hits the Vice President rank, they will earn the 3% bonus for the ranking and the Senior Vice President will just earn 4% of the total pool.

● The total pool is worth 19% of the commissionable volume of products sold by the team and is divided up across those who are ranked.

There is also a bonus pool that is generated by the entire company which is evenly distributed to all associates that have earned the Top Gun rank. This pool is worth 8% of the commissionable volume generated within the entire company.

Conclusion: Wrapping It Up Changing Your Future Outcome

If you are interested in a sustainable income right off the hop without any need to chase big incentives or input payment details in, definitely look into joining a CTFO team today. You will always be able to enjoy a 20% commission regardless of whether you purchase any personal product or not and you do not need to worry about putting a product on auto-ship or dealing with the shipment of customers packages. Simply refer to those who want more CBD in their life and spread the word to get started!

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