The Importance of Reading a CBD Oil Review Before Purchasing a Product

As with any product on the market, consumers, unfortunately, do not have the luxury of knowing whether they can trust the manufacturer or brand company. When an individual picks up a product and takes a look at the packaging and what is being advertised on said packaging, that is the only thing they have to go off of.

This is incredibly scary in the cannabidiol market because the market is still largely unregulated, quality control does not have universal guidelines, and consumers may not even know what to look for in a high-quality product. This leads consumers into a market where CBD oil is being primarily imported from countries with vague regulation methods and towards misguided labels that often make unfounded claims. With this said, the best thing you can do as a consumer who is looking to buy CBD oil, is to read a CBD oil review.

What a Good CBD Oil Review Should Look At

The first thing you should be looking at when considering any CBD oil product is the reviews it has. It is one thing to think that the product you are looking at is one of the best on the market, and another to actually know what it is because it is a genuine product. By reading through a CBD oil review, you will get a better understanding of whether the product is true to its label. The best type of review to read is one from an independent, third-party website or company that has done the due diligence in finding out all of the details with the associated product.

Make sure that you take caution with reviews that have been sponsored as this means that the individual who has left the review has been paid off or has had some form of compensation provided to them for creating the review. Although these types of reviews are not necessarily bad, you cannot always be 100% sure that they are speaking their own opinion.

When looking at a review, make note of the following aspects:

• Does it detail out where the plants were sourced from? It is highly important that you know whether the oil was extracted from plants that were imported or not.

• What was the extraction process? You want reviews that take a look at the extraction process and detail out exactly what was done. This gives you an inside look into whether chemicals were used, whether the extraction was done as a cold press or whether it was done with ethanol or by CO2 extraction. You want to only buy CBD oils that have been backed by a CBD oil review that has noted a safe extraction method.

• Was the oil extracted through an isolate or as a full-spectrum? Both have their health benefits and advantages but a full-spectrum extraction will always give you more benefits.

• Were any energizers or chemicals used during the extraction process? You should never take on a CBD oil that has had chemicals used in its extraction process as you have a high chance of consuming chemical residue which can minimize and impair the CBD oil effects.

• What are the customer testimonials like? Take a considerable amount of time to look at a wide range of reviews left by other customers. Look at five stars, four-star, three-star, and one-star reviews and weigh out the pros and cons. Never only look at the negative or the positive as this will not give you a balanced outlook on the product.

Go Above and Beyond With Lab Test Results

Once you have read through the CBD oil review on the product of your choice, if you are confident in what you have read, make sure to check the lab test results. This will give you some insight into whether the product is pure, does not have any toxins, and can provide you with the benefits you seek. Generally, you want to look at five different tests including potency, pesticide, microbiology, Terpene profiling, and residual solvents testing.

• Potency takes a look at the levels of cannabinoids that are within the product.

• Pesticide testing takes a look at whether the plants were treated with fungicides and herbicides and whether there are any concentrations of these within the oil that can cause side effects.

• Microbiology testing takes a look at whether there are harmful bacteria and/or mold within the oil. These pathogens can do a great deal of harm when consumed at high levels.

• Terpene profiling will tell you whether the oil has any artificial color or added flavorings such as citrus, mint, or berry.

• Residual solvent testing will only be present if the oil was extracted using a solvent-based extraction process. If there are high levels of ethanol, carbon dioxide, or propane, these can cause some unpleasant health effects. There should be no detectable solvents within the oil of choice.

All in all, the CBD oil market is thriving and many producers and manufacturers have good intentions but it is extremely important to ensure that you are buying a product that can live up to the claims that it advertises. So in order to avoid getting taken advantage of by greedy companies, make sure you read a CBD oil review before buying as it will save you adverse health effects and money in the long run.

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