Ditch Dieting and Calorie Counting with CBD Oil for Weight Loss

When it comes to maintaining proper body weight, millions of individuals will try anything to feel and look good, including unhealthy fad diets which help them “diet down” and excessive and obsessive calorie counting. As most of us know, the proper way to get rid of the excess fat is to eat less, move more, and have a nutritionally balanced diet.


Unfortunately, with our hectic lifestyles, it can be extremely difficult to manage it all without the occasional slip-up or comfort food binges. Fortunately for those who are having a hard time, CBD oil for weight loss is showing promising results as a potential treatment for slimming down as well as stabilizing weight loss and here is why.


It Induces Fat Browning


In a recent study done for the Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Journal, found that CBD oil actually has a profound effect on preadipocytes, which are also known as immature fat cells. Not only does the consumption of CBD oil stimulate fat genes and proteins to break down and oxidize fat but it can actually boost the activity levels of the cell’s mitochondria. When the mitochondria activity levels are elevated, this helps the body burn off more calories.


Beyond this, it was also found that consuming CBD oil helps in decreasing the “expression” of proteins found in the process of lipogenesis which is the generation of fat cells. When combined together, these effects induce fat browning which occurs when the body converts white-colored fat tissue into brown-colored fat tissue. This process is important as brown fat burns away excess energy and reduces overall body fat, whereas, white fat stores energy.


The Consumption of CBD Oil Suppresses Appetite


One of the amazing phenomenons about the body is that it wants to be in balance (homeostasis), which means that for those who are overweight or underweight, they are going to be unhealthy. It is well known that for those who want to gain weight, consuming THC will cause you to get the munchies, which will urge you to consume excess calories. However, CBD oil has the opposite effect, as it will suppress your appetite. Furthermore, another component of CBD oil is tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV, which helps reduce body weight by increasing the metabolism of fat cells.


Finally, when you consume CBD oil for weight loss, you will drastically decrease your fasting insulin levels which makes you less resistant to the production of insulin. This means that your body can better regulate blood-sugars and thereby help stave off Type II diabetes, lower your risk of obesity, decrease your heart disease risk and reduce bad cholesterol levels.


It Can Rev Up Your Metabolic Rate


One of the most well-known effects of smoking cannabis is the “munchies”, where an individual will have this unremitting urge to constantly eat until full. This phenomenon is associated with extremely high-calorie diets, yet despite the excessive calorie bingeing, studies suggest that there is actually a relationship between cannabis consumption and an increased metabolic rate.


Not only are marijuana users generally slimmer than non-users, but researchers have found that chronic illnesses like obesity and diabetes are dramatically reduced in those who consume cannabis. The American Review of Respiratory Disease published a study back in 1978, studied the effects of marijuana on human metabolism and respiratory control. Although the participant pool was small, with only eight individuals being studied, it was found that cannabis had stimulatory effects on their metabolism; their metabolisms sped up.


Back in 2013, another study was published in the American Journal of Science, illustrating that there was a low prevalence of obesity in those who consumed cannabis as users appeared to “have better carbohydrate metabolism than nonusers,” meaning that both the fasting levels were lower, they had less insulin resistance, and their bodies were able to maintain proper blood sugar levels. Both of these have been backed by more recent findings that also state that regular use of cannabis causes a thirty percent drop in Type 2 diabetes formation. So why is this important? If you choose to consume a CBD oil for weight loss that has both CBD and THC, you are going to find that your metabolism rate gets revved up.


Is There a Specific Way to Take CBD Oil For Weight Loss?


Although there are a ton of different delivery methods, there are two main ways that you can use to get the slimming effects of cannabis. The first is through the inhalation of cannabis buds, however, if you are dealing specifically with CBD oil for weight loss and not burning/cooking with just CBD, then you will want to take it through the sublingual method. In addition to the slimming effects, this method is easy, well-known, and boosts appetite regulation.


It is as simple as placing a drop or two underneath your tongue, leaving it for a minute or two, and then swallowing. Other methods include CBD vape oil, capsules, and suppositories. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to get pure CBD oil that is void of pesticides, contamination, and added ingredients.



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