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Can CBD Oil Really Treat Seizures? All You Need To Know!

Many people suffer from seizures. They can be caused by being born with epilepsy, brain and head traumas, liver disease, high fevers, and other health conditions. Unfortunately, seizures can even lead to death if the patient doesn’t take medication to prevent them, or suffers from a particularly bad episode. If you or a family member suffers from seizures, they are perhaps the most traumatizing of any type of health condition.


The good news is that CBD oil has been proven to be of benefit to patients who suffer from seizures. In many states, CBD oil is now allowed for patients who have a valid reason to use it legally. If your prescription medication isn’t working as effectively as you wish, or you’re tired of the side effects, consider CBD oil for seizures.


How CBD Oil Can Help Seizures


It’s important to look at independent studies done on CBD oil for seizures, rather than read advertising. Obviously, CBD oil is being sold for profit. That’s why it’s important to find a high-quality and FDA-approved source of oil and to do your research in advance.


CBD oil has been studied in children, teens, and adults who suffer seizures. One study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It published results that the oil helped a young child only 2.5 years old by reducing their convulsive seizures from a condition called Dravet Syndrome. It also proved that it was a safer way, as many prescription medications have never been tested on children so young, yet these young children suffer seizures too.


Other studies have proven that CBD oil has been effective for people who suffer from seizures and who have not responded to the usual seizure treatment forms of medication. Last year, a study was done to follow up on this research. Obviously, the main concern is side effects or adverse effects, even though seizures in themselves are quite serious. Fortunately, the study concluded that side effects when using CBD oil for seizures were few and that generally, evidence was favorable for its use.


History of CBD Oil


It may seem surprising, but a record from 2900 BC in Sumeria revealed that cannabis was used to treat seizures in people. Obviously, marijuana has been around for some time, and ancient people figured out a way to extract the oil from the leaves of the plant. There also have been records found from 12th century Arabia with the same purpose.

 Back in 1854, cannabis didn’t have the stigma that soon grew in the 20th century. Cannabis was used on patients to treat muscle pain, insomnia, tetanus, chorea, depression, and even seizures.


How Does CBD Oil for Seizures Work?


Epilepsy is a condition of the brain that occurs when the neurons misfire. This leads to abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. The result is convulsions or uncontrollable seizures that have the patient writhing on the ground and out of control.

 There are about 85 different cannabinoid compounds in medical cannabis. Just one of them is CBD, and is perhaps is the most studied. CBD oil can target certain parts of the brain that cause these seizures. These include receptor agonists, glutamine receptor antagonists, sodium and calcium ion channels, and other receptor agonists.

CBD oil has anticonvulsant properties and may actually alter these neurotransmitters that are attached to millions of neurons. The oil actually changes this abnormal functioning of the brain cells by altering how the ions flow in and out. While there are certain medications that can do the same, CBD oil for seizures has been proven to be much safer and more effective. It can also be used long-term.


Why Should CBD Oil Be Used for Seizures?


Besides the benefits listed above, CBD oil for seizures is also beneficial for patients who have tried traditional medication but discovered it just doesn’t work. Some of these prescription medications include clonazepam, primidone, phenytoin, and valproic acid.

Almost all of these medications include unwanted side effects. These include weight gain, double vision, hair loss, and even kidney failure. Many people who suffer seizures stop taking their medication because of these side effects, instead of risking harm from experiencing the seizures instead.

Some people who suffer from hepatitis, alcoholism, or poisoning can also experience seizures caused by liver failure. The liver can fail to process ammonia, which can cause problems in the brain that lead to seizures. Over time, this makes the patient more susceptible to cardiac arrest or death.

 CBD oil is often prescribed for dogs and cats who suffer kidney and liver failure. It has been proven to reverse these conditions or to at least improve their quality of life and give them a couple more years with their humans.

 CBD oil for seizures is also good for 30% of people who don’t respond to the usual medications. It can also help patients with anxiety, which is a common occurrence for people who don’t know when their next episode may be.


Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is currently legal with a prescription in about 1/3 of all USA states. It does not contain THC, which is the controversial marijuana chemical that makes people high. The oil can be given to people of all ages, and even pets.

 Certain states have rules that apply to the content of the oil. For instance, in Florida, you can obtain a prescription with content up to 0.8%. If you live in Delaware, you can get CBD with THC as high as 7%.

 Many states require you to apply for a registry ID card first. You’ll need to fill it out and take it to your doctor. There are currently 18 states that allow CBD oil for seizures.

Are You Ready for CBD Oil for Seizures?


It’s important to note that CBD oil will not cure your seizures but it’ll help to prevent them, and lessen their severity. The oil will also help to calm your nerves. If no other treatment has been effective, consult your favorite doctor about trying CBD oil for seizures to help improve the quality of your life.


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