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How to Take Back Control of Your Life with CBD Oil for Panic Attacks

Many people don’t understand that they are experiencing panic attacks. One minute they’re calm, cool, and collected, the next they’re on the floor, crying and incapacitated. Some people even experience anger, which can scare their friends and family.


Panic attacks can be linked to PTSD—post traumatic stress disorder, chemical imbalances in the brain, depression, or they may have no known cause at all. Some people suffer panic attacks from when they were a child and throughout their adult years. Panic attacks are largely misunderstood. Children who suffer them can be punished by their parents, while as adults if you suffer one in the workplace, you can be reprimanded by your boss for scaring employees or customers.


Often there is simply no way to keep a panic attack from occurring. There can even be some triggers for people that cause them. For instance, the soldier who has returned from war may experience a panic attack during the fireworks on the Fourth of July. In the past, doctors were quick to prescribe anti-depressants to people who suffered panic attacks. This did little more than to mask the problem. Most prescription medications have side effects. Some are minimal, such as causing headaches or upset stomach, while others can lead to insomnia or a deeper depression.


Psychological treatments can be effective in helping treat panic attacks, but this isn’t an overnight solution. It can take months until you can retrain your brain to stop a panic attack in its path. Panic attacks are more common than we think. Many people try to disguise the fact they get them. They may tell people they’re suffering a leg cramp, or have a bad headache instead. In fact, it’s believed that roughly 2% of the population of the US experiences at least one per year.


Panic attacks are also linked to other illnesses and diseases. Depression is obvious, but some people who suffer painful joint conditions, such as arthritis, or osteoarthritis, can also be prone to them. CBD oil for panic attacks may be the solution for people who suffer from this distressing condition. Scientists have been studying this oil and are proving that it can be one of the more effective treatments for the panic attacks that you may be experiencing.


CBD Oil for Panic Attacks


What Exactly Are Panic Attacks?


Panic attacks are not the same as anxiety attacks. For instance, you’re waiting in the lobby for a job interview. Your hands are sweaty, and you feel you have to go to the bathroom, even though you just did. You may be jittery and can’t speak clearly. That’s an anxiety attack. They’re short-lived, and they go away when you leave your current situation.


Panic attacks aren’t related to common life stressors. A panic attack may not even have a trigger, it’ll just happen out of the blue. For some reason, the person affected suddenly seems they have lost control over a situation. This can be related to something that happened to them in the past. They feel as though they are dying. Other symptoms can include chest pain, nausea, and dizziness. There may be rapid heartbeat, chills, nausea, upset stomach, and more.


A panic attack usually lasts for less than two minutes. But the aftermath can be devastating, particularly if you have harmed yourself, thrown objects, or at the worse, physically hit somebody. They can affect your relationships with others, as they don’t understand. They may think you were simply acting out in anger and not understand the root cause. Many people who suffer panic attacks can end up in the emergency room or the jail cell.


Why Is CBD Oil for Panic Attacks Better Than Traditional Treatments?


In the past, panic attacks were treated by traditional medicine. Doctors would prescribe antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs, also called benzodiazepines. Many patients are also told to stop drinking anything with caffeine—no coffee, no black tea, no chocolate. They must also avoid refined sugars, alcohol, and trans fat. For many suffering mental health issues, this simply takes all the fun out of life.


CBD oil for panic attacks can be your best solution if you suffer from this debilitating and somewhat embarrassing condition. The oil is a natural treatment that actually works. The side effects are minimal, unlike taking other forms of prescription medication. The costs are also less expensive. Scientists have been studying this compound and it’s been proven to have miraculous effects on people who suffer from panic attacks.


How Does CBD Oil for Panic Attacks Work?


THC and CBD are two compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. Many people want to avoid THC, as that’s the one responsible for that high. In contract, CBD offers no high, and is legal in many states in a variety of forms: oil, edibles, and inhalers. The oil offers a cost-effective way to take it, but you can discuss with your doctor which is best for you.


The CBD can react when the anandamide (joy chemical) in our brains decreases, causing panic attacks. The CBD can increase its effectiveness, quickly soothing a panic attack. The oil also has a beneficial effect on people who suffer anxiety. Some people suffer both anxiety and panic attacks. The oil can directly help to reduce anxiety, increase cognitive function in the brain, and improve stunted speech. It can also make people feel more refreshed and alert. After you take cbd oil for panic attacks, it will cause the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain to remain inactive. This helps to return your mental functioning back to normal.


Closing Thoughts On CBD Oil for Panic Attacks


It’s important to seek proper diagnosis for panic attacks before you begin treatment. Once you understand some of the how and why you get them, you can then explore beneficial treatments, such as cbd oil for panic attacks. CBD oil can not only prevent panic attacks, but lessen their severity if they do occur. If you can keep up with your psychological therapies too, soon you may never have to experience another panic attack ever again!



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