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CBD Oil for Pain Management: Effects, Benefits & Uses

In recent years, research has found that Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has had amazing effects in helping people who suffer from chronic pain.  It has been reported that the oil helps to reduce inflammation, pain and all other discomforts experienced by people suffering severe long-term ill-health.

CBD oil is made from a hemp or marijuana plant.  The users do not experience any of the hallucinogenic or “high” that is usually associated with the use of cannabis, as the CBD oil does not contain the tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) cannabinoid.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that translates signals in the same way as the protein receptors in our cells.  The ECS system decodes the signals it gets from cannabinoids in our bodies.  The ECS is responsible for regulating pain, sleep, and immune-system responses.

Studies on pain management and CBD oil has shown that oil is an alternative for people who suffer from chronic pain and often depend on dangerous opioids.  CBD oil has proven to offer pain relief and is not habit-forming like other pain medications.  Further research will prove many other health benefits to long-term sufferers of the illness.


How does CBD work for pain relief?


The research on CBD oil and its effects on pain relief have been extensive and on-going over the last few years.  It is believed by researchers that the reason for its effectiveness is due to the CBD interacts with the receptors in the immune system and brain.  Receptors are proteins found in the cells that decode chemical signals from various stimuli and assists the cells to respond accordingly.

This interaction between the CBD and cell receptors creates the painkilling effect and anti-inflammatory elements that aid in effective pain management.  As a result, CBD oil is highly beneficial to peoples suffering from chronic pain.

In a study conducted by Neurotherapeutics, it suggested that CBD has little effect on the ECS as the CBD either inhibits or activates other elements and compounds in the ECS.  For example, CBD inhibits the absorption of anandamide, which is the compound responsible for regulating pain.  An increased amount of anandamide will reduce the level of pain felt by the person.

A review in 2008 looked at research and studies done from late 1980 to 2007 and found that CBD was effective pain management with no complex side effects.  The research also showed that CBD was effective in treating cases of insomnia that is often associated with chronic pain.  The researchers also saw a significant improvement in people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS).


Benefits of using CBD oil


CBD oil has long been used to treat pain, but it is only recently been thoroughly studied to find other medical uses and benefits. Here are some other health benefits that recent research has highlighted:

• Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – is a disease that affects the whole body through the brain and nerves.

The most common symptom of MS is constant muscle spasm. Some of the spasms can be so intense that they cause severe pain. A report has shown that the use of CBD oil helped reduce the level of spasm. The results are reported as modest and do need more human studies for more in-depth results.

• Chronic pain – researchers have extensively studied the effects of CBD on chronic pain in recent years. There are numerous results from various reviews that cover over a dozen studies and trials. All the trials, studies, and research have shown that CBD has a huge impact on the effective treatment of chronic pain. The research has shown that inflammation and pain can be effectively reduced through the use of CBD oil.

However, CBD oil for pain does not mean that patients will grow a dependency on it or suffer any adverse side effects. There is no reason for patients to steadily increase their dosage to experience the benefits of the oil.

• Arthritis pain – as a pain-relieving method, CBD oil can be used by arthritis patients.


Researchers studying the effects of CBD oil on arthritis pain applied a CBD oil topical gel on rats for four days. The study showed a significant decrease in inflammation caused by arthritis. Researchers admit that more studies are needed for significant and verifiable results, but have shown that people suffering from severe arthritis to experience strong pain relief after using CBD oil.


Other Uses

Issues of legality aside, as it differs from country to country and state to state, CBD oil has a myriad of uses. Some of the added uses and benefits of CBD oil include:

• The treatment of epilepsy and seizures,
• Possibly reducing the effect of Alzheimer’s,
• Treatment for anxiety,
• Potentially combating cancer, type 1 diabetes and acne,
• Assist people to stop smoking and drug withdrawal symptoms.

It must be noted that recent studies and reviews have demonstrated the benefits of using CBD oil, but more human studies are needed to asses the long-term usage of the oil.

There are lots of potentials for CBD oil to help manage many medical conditions other than chronic pain. CBD oil could mean relief from the effects and symptoms of cancer, cancer treatments, MS, arthritis, and epilepsy.

CBD oil is worth considering when trying to manage a chronic illness and pain, as the oil has no intoxicating side effects and is not habit-forming. The oil has become more readily available as more exposure regarding its benefits have reached long-term sufferers and patients, you can buy it online as well. However, always consult your doctor before administering CBD oil.

Also, the research and results available are all based on studies conducted on adults. The use of CBD oil is recommended for children as there have been no studies conducted and no conclusive evidence exists to suggest that long-term use for the treatment of illness has no long-lasting side effects that could be detrimental to the development and growth of children.



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