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CBD Oil For Menopause: 8 Menopause Symptoms CBD Could Help

Women deal with a fair share of health issues and inconveniences which come across as a sign of being healthy but can be painful and disturbing. One such function of the female body is the inevitable menopause.

A stage that comes during aging, menopause is when the female body starts to diminish its reproductive abilities with the long period of menstrual cycles coming to an end.

Sounds convenient?

Think again.

Menopause induces various changes in the body that can be quite difficult to deal with. Beyond the reduction of hormone production such as estrogen and progesterone, menopause comes with various side effects. Read Here: CBD Oil for Allergies: Does CBD Oil Help With Allergies?

Unfortunately, you should know that the medical system is usually unprepared to deal with menopause symptoms. Previous generations of women were quite about these changes that the medical system is now just waking up to the needs of post- and per-menopausal women.

Thus, like many other women, you might feel turning to the traditional herbal medicines— such as CBD oil for menopause— for support, since our great-great-grandmothers must be on to something.

So, can CBD oil really work for menopause?

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Menopause and Estrogen

You are probably familiar with the estrogen story:

Women are born having millions of immature eggs inside their ovaries. Once puberty hits, the body is pumped filled with estrogen every time an egg matures which happens approximately once a month.

Over the years, however, the egg supply drops. And once all the eggs are gone, the monthly period stops and that estrogen bursts go away, which then triggers menopause.

However, for years before menopause or more commonly known as per-menopause, the estrogen levels swing unpredictably low or high before the final plunge. And it is not just estrogen goes on this roller-coaster ride— there’s also a full-supporting cast of hormones that maintained a smooth operation of the body over the years also starts to rebel.

Countless molecules in the body, controlled by these hormones, also fluctuates. Then the brain neurochemistry also changes and the body starts to produce inflammatory molecules. From bone reabsorption to fat accumulation to brain functions, menopause changes the inners workings of the body.

CBD Oil For Menopause:

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Cannabinoids: How It Works?

The body has its own endocannabinoid system (ECS), consisting of cell receptors throughout the body in order to maintain homeostasis.

The body can produce its own cannabinoids but our ECS also responds to external cannabinoids like those that came from plants.

Now, the cannabis plant (both marijuana and industrial hemp plant) contains over 100 cannabinoids. The most studied cannabinoids in the cannabis plant right now are CBD or cannabidiol.

So, what does it has to do with menopause?

hemp oil for weight losses

Estrogen plays a crucial role in the ECS since it regulates FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase), breaking down several endocannabinoids. Thus, if there’s a lower level of estrogen in the body, it can affect your ECS, which can partly explain some of the effects of menopause.

Thus, it would make sense the cannabinoids can help with such symptoms. The problem is that we are still learning about how cannabis works in the human body. And conducting clinical research is still challenging.

With that said, preliminary research looks promising for various issues associated with post- and peri-menopause years.

8 Menopause Symptoms CBD Could Help With

We will explore how menopause triggers brain chemistry changes and inflammation— which are the root of most menopausal symptoms— and discuss how CBD can actually help ease those symptoms.

CBD Oil For Menopause

1) Aches and Joint Pain

You might think that your body hurt more than it used to because of your old age. You see, without estrogen, the body produces a higher level of inflammatory molecules or specifically known as the TNFαor tumor necrosis factor.

This only means that your arthritis symptoms could increase during menopause. As a matter of fact, over 60 percent of women aged between 40 and 64 suffer from pain in their joints and muscles.

Thus, it is important than ever to reduce the inflammation in the body during menopause. CBD has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties. In a mice study, researchers found that CBD is anti-arthritic, lowers the level of inflammatory TNFα, and protects the joints against inflammatory damages.

2) Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Night sweats and hot flashes may be a frequent joke for some; however, these are no laughing matter. Night sweats and hot flashes can disrupt your sleep patterns and daily routines, reducing the quality of your life.

Such vasomotor symptoms are caused by changed neurochemistry in your hypothalamus which is the thermostat controller of the body. In simpler terms, the cooling system of the body— sweat response and blood vessel dilation— gets switched on too easily.


In a lab test, women suffering from hot flashes are triggered when the body temperature increases even by only1.5 degrees. Meanwhile, other women’s bodies do not switch on the cooling system unless the temperature increases to almost 3 degrees.

Since hot flashes and night sweats have a neurochemical basis, some anti-depressants and SSRIs can help in relieving these symptoms. CBD oil for menopause, although there are no studies specifically tested it for hot flashes, has the ability to influence your serotonin system which could be one of the many reasons why some menopausal women swear by its benefits for these symptoms.

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3) Depression and Mood Swings

It is quite common for menopausal women to experience depression or anxiety. The progesterone and estrogen influence the activity of the serotonin and other neurotransmitters in our brain, directly affecting the mood.

Portrait of stylish,

So, as the levels of these hormones become more erratic and eventually dropping, the neurochemistry also changes. CBD has been shown to help with symptoms of anxiety and depression. In a 2010 mice study, it turns out that this compound can activate your serotonin receptors, just like how buspirone, an anti-anxiety drug, works. CBD may also help in stabilizing mood in humans.

4) Diabetes and Weight Gain

Hormones play a vital role in our bodies on so many levels, including managing and controlling our metabolism. Without estrogen, the body

burns fewer calories, even during sleep, as well as burning less fat even when working out.

And even if you reduce your calorie intake and maintain a stable weight throughout menopause, the hormonal shift tells the body to trade the lean muscle mass for the abdominal fat. Unfortunately, this pattern of fat storage increases your risks to insulin resistance, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.


Several population studies revealed that adults using cannabis products have smaller waist circumferences and lower insulin levels. This is because CBD could contribute by switching on the genes for healthy metabolism via the PPAR-γ receptor.

Not only that, CBD oil for menopause can also help buffer the activity of natural endocannabinoids such as the 2-AG,  which is associated with insulin resistance and have an increased production during menopause. 

5) Osteoporosis

The body constantly moves calcium and other minerals in and out of the bones. However, as you enter perimenopause, the net result is usually bone resorption, a process where more bone is taken away than being added. This is because of the lower levels of estrogen which lowers your bone density and increasing your risks for fractures.

Osteoclasts are special cells involved in the breaking down of bones. And bone loss occurs when the osteoclast activity becomes aggressive, which happens with the reduction of estrogen production.

Osteoclasts have several GPR55 receptors that stimulate these cells too much and cause bone loss. However, research indicates that CBD can actually interact with these GPR55 receptors and inhibit their actions, thus preventing bone density loss.

In addition, new studies reveal that inflammation caused by arthritis and other conditions might also be the biggest culprit for bone resorption. Once again, the inflammatory TNFα is the main culprit at telling the body to increase your bone resorption.


Fortunately, the same anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil are an excellent remedy for arthritic symptoms which also prove useful for bone health.


In fact, in a study of rats suffering from periodontitis, CBD oil can lower the TNFα level and help prevent oral bone loss.

Still, human evidence for CBD oil for this application is still lacking, thus, we encourage you to use medical resources that are proven and available if you have been diagnosed with low bone density.

CBD Oil For Menopause

6) Genitourinary Syndrome

Bladder control and sexual health during and after menopause may seem like 2 separate subjects, however, since they are so intimately related, they are often lumped into a single medical condition— genitourinary syndrome. It causes vaginal dryness, atrophy as well as serious bladder management.

Estrogen helps in maintaining blood flow to your pelvic region to deliver fresh oxygen to the tissues of the sexual organs and urinary tract. This keeps things healthy and elastic. Now, when menopause arrives, you will need to give your pelvis some extra attention and love in order to keep up the blood flow.

In addition to regular sexual activity, topical lubricants that contain cannabinoids such as THC or CBD— which are potent vasodilators— can help boost blood flow to your pelvic region.

This keeps the tissues healthy while moisturizing the vaginal canal. Not only that, Topical CBD for menopause can also fight inflammation, calm pain-perceiving nerves as well as relaxing the muscle in the vagina and vulva. 

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7) Memory Loss

Memory loss is often blamed on age, however, even younger women who go through surgical menopause may also experience rapid memory loss. The hippocampus, the brain region which is responsible for emotion, learning, and memory, is a hotbed of synaptic plasticity.

Now, hormones such as progesterone and estrogen encourage neurons in the hippocampus to create new connections. Thus, our memories might suffer without these important hormones.


Today, researchers and scientists are actively studying and investigating CBD oil for encouraging neuroprotection and synaptic plasticity, especially in the hippocampus.

Still, there’s solid evidence for its recommendations, yet. So, we suggest that you protect this important brain region with other proven ways and methods.

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8) Sleep Disturbances

Most post- and per-menopausal women have trouble getting quality sleep. And sleep deprivation can wear you down which also triggers fatigue and a wide variety of other health issues.

Menopause can disrupt your sleep in various ways including increased depression and anxiety or night sweats and hot flashes.

People of all ages and genders report that CBD oil can help them get restorative sleep. This benefit will depend on the source of your sleep disruptions. The influence of CBD on anxiety and neurochemistry can help improve sleep for women experiencing disruptive night sweats of insomnia.


In addition, a 2016 study on people with PTSD showed that CBD can help reduce generalized anxiety and sleep disturbances, allowing them to get a good night’s sleep.

Thus, it may be possible that CBD oil can help in treating sleep disturbances relating to menopausal symptoms like anxiety and depression.

CBD oil has also been documented to have an anxiolytic or anxiety-inhibiting property as well as relaxing effects that help support a more restful and deeper sleep.

Final Thoughts

Menopause Lane Street Sign

When nearing your menopausal ages, it is important that you observe the changes currently happening within your life and body. Progesterone and estrogen shouldered a lot of responsibilities within your body and maybe getting some downtime after all those years.

Fortunately, there are many resources, including CBD oil for menopause, that can help you through and beyond this natural process and successfully say that you survived menopause!

Although CBD oil for menopause is still young and research is still being conducted for its alleged applications, it already has promising results that may one day help every ailing menopausal woman.

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