How CBD Oil Can Help the Symptoms of Depression

There’s not one person alive who hasn’t suffered some form of depression at some point in their lives. Depression can be caused by endless types of diseases and health conditions, caused by circumstances, and even by boredom or despair in one’s life. People who find themselves suffering depression may not even want to suffer it any longer but find themselves trying to dig themselves out of a big pit.

Often doctors are quick to prescribe depression medication that only masks the symptoms, rather than trying to find the source of the problem. It’s important to have lab tests done, just in case it is a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be easily treated with hormones. For others, people may discover that CBD oil for depression is an effective alternative when you want something that actually works.


What is Depression? How CBD Oil Can Help


Depression has many causes, but it’s basically a mental condition where the sufferer has feelings of sadness, despair, hopelessness, and loss of energy. They can suffer from insomnia, and panic attacks. There can be resulting from health conditions from the stress of this condition that can lead the sufferer in circles.

Depression can greatly affect an individual and their family. They may not be able to attend work. They’ll have difficulties in sticking to a routine. Depression can even lead to suicide.

It’s important to treat symptoms of depression as soon as possible. Women with postpartum depression, or people who’ve suffered trauma, an accident, or a loss, should be treated immediately. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, leading to more serious forms of depression.

According to studies done, about 45% of people who suffer depression can’t even get out of bed in the morning to even do the simplest chores. It can actually damage the brain’s hippocampus over time.


Can CBD Oil for Depression Really Work?


CBD oil is a type of cannabinoid that can effectively work on depression. It has few effects but is notable because it has zero psychoactive effects on the brain. The results of studies have been published in scientific journals.

CBD oil can have a similar effect on the brain that prescription antidepressants have but without the side effects. The oil provides a calming and anti-anxiety effect on the brain.

CBD oil can also interact with the 5-HT1A receptors in the brain which increases serotonin levels, that happy brain chemical that makes us feel good. The CBD also affects the hippocampus part of the brain which has been proven to decrease in size when it’s undergoing the pressure of anxiety and depression. CBD oil can help restore the hippocampus back to its normal size so that the patient feels better.

CBD oil can also help the brain to form new and happy memories which are particularly beneficial to someone who is suffering depression.


Can CBD Oil Replace Antidepressants?


If you’re suffering from serious depression then it’s important to be under the care of a physician or psychiatrist who specializes in this treatment. The most common type of antidepressant prescribed is SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors). About 41 million people in the USA have required an antidepressant at one point or another. The rise in people needing antidepressants is also on the rise.

Prescription medication can have additional side effects, such as nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, and fatigue, which doesn’t help the condition. CBD oil doesn’t have these side effects. It’s certainly worth asking your physician if CBD oil may be a good alternative. In some cases, you may supplement your usual medication with the oil too.

There are some types of depression that are only temporary. For instance, if your cat or dog died and you are depressed, you can be comforted in knowing that you’ll feel better in the years ahead. Some people who are in car accidents or who have suffered the loss of a job or a relationship can suffer temporary depression too. CBD oil for depression is the perfect choice for these types.

If on the other hand, you suffer permanent depression that has had you institutionalized, your doctors may not want to take you off your regular medication. CBD oil for depression can still be effective in these cases, but it won’t offer a permanent cure.

How to Use CBD Oil for Depression?


There are different forms of taking CBD oil. You can take the capsules or you can eat edibles. Since it’s for depression, the products you choose must be consumable, as topical oils won’t have any effect.
Typical dosage levels can vary from 100 mg to 1500 mg. Products may vary depending on what state you’re in. You can double the dosage if you’re in a state that offers minimal milligram dosages.

If you suffer minor depression, take a minimal dosage. For severe depression, you’ll need a greater dosage.

If you’re one of the people who are aware of the onset of a depressive episode, you can try some of the edible products, or even drink tea containing CBD oil. But taking CBD capsules may be better if you suffer severe bouts of depression.


Are You Ready to Try CBD Oil for Depression?


No one wants to suffer from depression but unfortunately, it can creep up and negatively impact our lives when we least expect it. CBD oil for depression has been proven to make people feel better, without the additional side effects or addictions of prescription medication. It’s also more cost-effective over time, particularly if you must take it for longterm use.

While many people smoke marijuana or consume marijuana edibles for medical reasons, CBD oil is much better for longterm use, as it does not contain the THC chemical that actually makes you high.

You can take CBD oil and go to work. Most drug tests don’t even test for CBD oil as it’s a minimal concern. If you suffer any type of depression, begin your research and book an appointment with your doctor to discuss taking CBD oil for depression to help you to feel better.



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