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5 Things You Need to Know about CBD Oil Effects Before Buying

Over the past five years, the discussion surrounding the legalization of cannabis has kickstarted a health and wellness trend with regards to the consumption of cannabidiol, a compound commonly found in marijuana. It is one of two of the main cannabinoids found in both cannabis and hemp plants and works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to decrease inflammation, provide pain relief, reduce seizures, help with depression, and even treat bouts of acne.


Unlike THC, the other compound found in cannabis, CBD does not actively bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors but it does activate or stimulate them to do more of what they normally do and this is why CBD is non-psychoactive. With this said, if you are planning on buying CBD, it is important that you are aware of what it is, what the effects of it are, how long it takes to work if there are any side effects, and how to buy high-quality CBD oil.



What is CBD Oil and What Are Its Effects?


CBD oil or cannabidiol is extracted either from a hemp plant or from a cannabis strain using a variety of methods. Some methods are indeed safer than others as some use neurotoxic solvents which can leave a residue within the oil which can be harmful to the individual consuming the CBD. There are generally three ways in which CBD oil is extracted from the plant.


• By CO2 extraction: this is one of the safest methods of extracting CBD oil and has the least amount of harmful chemicals and bacteria at the end. This method uses carbon dioxide and combines both high and low pressure during the extraction process. When it is fully extracted it is free of chlorophyll which means that are there less harmful CBD oil effects when consuming.

• With Ethanol: This is also another safe way to do the extraction, however, it does destroy the plant waxes. Other than this, this way is the best way to extract the oil if you do not have the expensive equipment that CO2 extraction requires.

• With Olive oil: this method is also safe and does not require expensive equipment. The downside to using olive oil is it makes the CBD oil perishable, which means it has to be stored in a dry and cool place. If taken after the expiration, the CBD oil effects may be diminished.


When individuals consume CBD oil, many report feeling calm. With regards to the actual effects of CBD oil, this is dependent on what medical condition is being treated. Individuals who have a lot of pain will find pain relief, while others who are normally anxious or depressed will feel more outgoing and relaxed. It is important to note that the effects are extremely powerful but they will not overwhelm or impair an individual. Beyond this, taking CBC oil will not make you feel high because it is not psychoactive.


Are There Any Side Effects in Taking CBD Oil?


One of the main reasons why cannabidiol is such a popular medicinal option is because it has very little in the way of side effects. The CBD oil effects, when present, are extremely mild and may include minor annoyances like dry mouth or an upset stomach. Beyond this, there are some concerns surrounding how CBD oil interacts with other drugs, mainly, whether those drugs are metabolized by the liver or not. When taken in high dosages, CBD oil has been shown to impair or completely inhibit some drugs from being metabolized.


How Long Does It Take CBD Oil To Work?


This answer is dependent on how fast your body metabolizes the CBD oil and how you choose to take the product. Most commonly, individuals will feel the CBD oil effects immediately or within a few hours after consumption. However, for some individuals, it can take up to thirty days to feel the full effects, but this is rare and is completely dependent on the administration route.


One thing to keep in mind is that CBD oil products can have different levels of bio-availability which can greatly affect how quickly you feel the effects. For those who want immediate results, tend to vape the CBD oil whereas, a lot of individuals will choose to take it sublingually as the effects will kick in at a decent rate with an extended relief due to longer release time. Choosing to use it topically will have the slowest effect.


How to Buy High-Quality CBD Oil?


For individuals who want the highest-quality of CBD oil, you will need to look for a company or brand that uses a whole-plant extract process. Generally, you want the oil to come from organically grown cannabis or hemp that has been extracted through carbon dioxide or C02 extraction. Do not buy CBD oil that has been extracted using heat and solvents such as chemicals, as these will end up in the final product and compromise the benefits you would otherwise get.


So, when buying CBD oil, the five things you need to remember about its effects is that the effects will be marred by unsafe extraction methods, that it is non-psychoactive, that there are minimal side effects but when taken in high dosages it can inhibit other drugs, and that how you administer it will affect how quickly it affects you.



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