CBD Oil and Pregnancy – Facts Mommas Need to Know About It

Pregnancy is supposed to be a magical time for a woman, carrying a life inside their womb and being responsible for it care. However, this is can also be a time of great stress for some women who are dealing with chronic illnesses, chronic pain or inflammation inside their body. The stress becomes even greater when her OB-GYN tells her that her current medication that she is taking for her chronic pain is not compatible with being pregnant.

So, now when she has to stop taking the pain meds according to her doctor’s orders. This is more than likely the result of the doctor seeing a red flag potentially with one or more of the meds. Unfortunately, this presents a catch-22 situation for her, by having to stop taking the meds without having a suitable replacement, the stress caused by the increased pain will definitely not be helping the baby’s well-being.


Fortunately, there is an alternative to prescription and over the counter medications that are often discouraged during pregnancy. One the fastest growing alternative treatment for chronic pain, inflammation, and many other conditions are called cannabinoids. The most common form of this compound is known as CBD Oil.


CBD Oil and Pregnancy: What is CBD Oil?


When you hear talk about CBD Oil it refers to any oils has any amount of CBD (cannabinoids) which is one of the many compounds derived from the Hemp plant that has been discovered yo have many different medicinal properties. CBD had not yet been proven to be the cure for anything, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows plenty of promise for treatment for a number of illnesses, diseases, and ailments.


Is CBD Oil dangerous for a pregnant woman to take?


While thorough investigations and studies are still ongoing about the total safety of CBD Oil and pregnancy, it is widely believed that because there only a very tiny amount of the psychoactive compound THC in CBD Oil that it is considered to be completely safe for a woman who is pregnant to take it.

So, barring any blockbuster announcement of a study to the contrary, if you were wanting to use CBD Oil as an alternative to prescription or over the counter drug that is either prescribed or recommended for the treatment of a chronic illness or pain you would and your fetus would be perfectly safe to do so.


Do CBD Oils cause developmental issues in the fetus?


Studies have proven that the THC compound found in marijuana can block the development of neuronal networks during pregnancy and that is what leads to some of the birth defects that can be found in babies that have been born to mothers that have used marijuana at some point during their pregnancy.

So, because CBD Oil is derived from the Hemp Plant and not from the Marijuana Plant, the concentration levels of THC is far less and does not show the same link to developmental issues it is believed that there is no concern for pregnant women to use CBD Oils carrying their child.


Common misconceptions about CBD Oil?


One of the biggest things that people get wrong about CBD Oil is that they believe that a person who consumes CBD Oil will get a buzz. That is definitely false, while the Hemp plant (where CBD Oil is derived from) is a member of the same cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa) as the Marijuana Plant. The Hemp plant has virtually no THC which is the psychoactive compound that creates the “high” feeling found in the Marijuana Plant.

Another thing people get wrong about CBD Oil is they think CBD Oil is medical marijuana. This is not the case at all, CBD Oil is made from the Hemp Plant. Now, the Hemp Plant and the Marijuana Plant are in the same family of plants Cannabis Sativa, but they are different.


Many people think that CBD Oil is illegal to buy, possess or sell just like marijuana is. The truth is since CBD Oil comes from the Hemp Plant it is completely legal in all 50 states. It can be found in a number of different formulas on the Internet and stores popping up all over the place.


What form of CBD Oil is the safest for use during pregnancy?


As with anything, it is really important what you put into your body during pregnancy and you should always consult your doctor. When it comes to CDB’s it is no different, knowing what the best ways to consume them and what ways to avoid is paramount. You should always avoid smoking CBD Oil, there really is no safe type of smoking.

The best source of CBD Oil must be from 100% extract from the Hemp Plant. You can get it in capsule, oil or lotion. Always avoid preparations that claim that it is CBD Rich, you will find that it means that there is going to be levels of THC to can be harmful to the fetus.


The bottom line, is CBD Oil safe?


As the use of CBD Oil which is derived from the Hemp Plant continues to grow and more and more medical studies are being conducted on the safety of the compound, there is no evidence that it is harmful in any way to an unborn child or leads to birth defects that are commonly seen in THC use.

So, with the absence of any credible studies or medical proof, if your doctor does not strictly forbid you from using CBD Oils in the treatment of chronic pain or any other condition that it has shown promising success with, by all means, try it. Just remember, always consult with your OB-GYN before considering taking any prescription or even any over the counter medication and that includes CBD Oils. They will be able to help you to make an informed decision on what is best for you and your baby.



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