Reasons Why CTFO Is one of the best CBD MLM Companies

Although there are numerous MLM network marketing products and companies out there offering some great affiliate programs, the CBD business is taking the spotlight for its explosive growth!

A recent Forbes article predicted that cannabis sales will increase by up to 700 percent by 2020. And this industry is unlike other MLM network marketing companies that you might have done or seen.

While other network marketing companies have great products, the truth is, the market is already flooded and oversaturated with them. With the growing popularity of CBD, people will want to buy them, but can’t always find high-quality products anywhere. Read Here: 15 Tips on How to Deal With Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Thus, you do not have to beg people to buy or try CBD. If people know you’re offering high-quality CBD products and a part of a reputable CBD multi-level marketing company, they will come to you and become repeat customers.

Now, amidst this explosive growth of the CBD industry, there is one CBD multi-level marketing company that’s taking the CBD industry by storm— CTFO!

Free CBD Oil Business

“Hemp CBD Sales Projected To Hit $1 Billion In 3 Years.”

  • Fantastic product prices
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Full-spectrum Products
  • Isolate Products
  • Organic and grown in the U.S
  • Packaged in the U.S
  • Free of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals 3rd party lab tested for quality

CTFO: What’s it all about?

Short for “Changing the Future Outcome”, CTFO is a US-based CBD multi-level marketing company. Originally, it was called “Chew the Fat Off”, a weight loss MLM launched in the year 2015. Maybe that company did not work well, thus Stuart Finger and Steve Finger, founder and CEO, respectively, re-branded the company and called it CTFO and started selling CBD products recently.

Fastest Growing MLM Companies

This is because of the massive upward trend of CBD oil products with more and more people becoming more aware of the potential benefits of CBD. Thus, lots of startups are focusing on this growing industry.


What Makes CTFO One Of The Best CBD MLM Companies?

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  • Broad Variety of Products

The product line of CTFO consists of drops, creams, edibles, and oils that are rich in CBD oil. The CBD oil from CTFO apparently has zero THC, meaning it is compliant and legal throughout all of Canada and the US. This CBD multi-level marketing company offers a range of CBD products divided into 4 main categories:

  • CBD For Health

This category consists of CBD oil and drops for general wellness and health benefits such as decreasing anxiety, increasing energy levels,

boosting the immune system, improving digestions, helping with pains and aches and so much more.

These products may also come as CBD-infused lotions and creams or tinctures that can help reduce inflammation in the body, reducing stiffness in your joints as well as cell regeneration, promoting relaxations, focus and concentration.

  • CBD For Nutrition

The CBD nutrition product category offers oral sprays, probiotic protein shales, capsules, and edibles designed to help improve your physical and mental well-being such as losing weight, reducing stress, and even preventing insomnia for a good night’s sleep. The oral sprays also offer anti-inflammatory properties as well as boosting nutrient absorption and stimulating feelings of relaxation.

For the capsules or supplements as well as edible gummies, they help in reducing nicotine cravings, aiding digestions, weight management, relieving anxiety and so much more without being too obvious that you’re taking cannabis.

60-Day Open Bottle Money-Back Guarantee

ctfo products

Why Buying CBD In Mobile Through CTFO

  • 1) 60-Day Open Bottle Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2) Full Spectrum Products
  • 3) Isolate Products
  • 4) Organic and Grown in the U.S
  • 5) Packaged in the U.S
  • 6) GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified, and non-GMO.
  • 7) 3rd Party Lab Tested for Quality

  • CBD For Anti-Aging

The anti-aging products of CTFO consist of specific products from anti-aging serums and hair growth treatment to facial cleaners and skin creams and lotions. These products help clean and protect your skin from sun damage, preventing long and short-term damage, reducing wrinkles, skin aging, dark spots, and soothing inflammation.

These products also have powerful antioxidants that help reverse aging, reduce dry skin, as well as restoring natural firmness and elasticity of the skin. There’s even a massage CBD oil that can help soothe pains and aches.

Not only that, but their CBD-infused beauty products also include CBD bath bombs that can help relieve muscle tension and rejuvenate the body. CTFO also offers overnight formulas, eye, facial and body creams that help accelerate skin regeneration and improve your overall skin health.

  • CBD For Pets

CTFO also offers sprays, drops, treats, and CBD-infused pet shampoos aimed at reducing stress and anxiety and helping your four-legged family member living a healthier and happier life.

These CBD products for pets can help in reducing anxiety and stress, managing mood, treating joint and inflammation pain as well as reducing dry skin, irritation while promoting a healthy coat and fur.

2) High-Quality and Legit Product Line

best CBD MLM Companies

So, CTFO has lots of CBD products to offer for a variety of purposes, but are these items legit, and can they actually help your health issue? CTFO claims that not all CBD products are created equal and that they are some of the few reputable CBD MLM companies to have CBD products of the highest quality.

Over 67 percent of current CBD MLM companies and their CBD products have been tested to have zero CBD or most of the ingredients that their labels say they have. However, CTFO CBD products really contain all ingredients listed on their labels.


All their products are manufactured in the US in a registered GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. This means that the facility has a system of manufacturing practices that are regulated by the US government and guarantees the reproducibility of product quality to the verifiable specs. Plus, these products are manufactured in a cruelty-free facility, meaning there is no animal abuse or testing done.

In short, the federal government has completely verified that you are getting what you are paying for since they have confirmed what is on the labels of CTFO products.

Secondly, to ensure the highest quality of CBD products, CTFO also uses non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free ingredient. CTFO promises to use only the best and purest organic hemp plant for its CBD products.

Furthermore, this CBD multi-level marketing company claims that they do no use any high heat processing or any solvent which can reduce the efficacy or potency of the CBD compound and only uses CO2 Extraction.

Speaking of potency, CTFO also claims to use a combination of both Full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate which gives their product a much higher potency of CBD while also maintaining more than 120 other cannabinoids, offering extra healing benefits.

CTFO promises CBD products of the purest and highest quality CBD plus over 400 other nutrients that are in an easy-to-absorb and easy-to-use form.

3) Excellent Compensation Plan

CTFO hides nothing and outlined the ways and how much can their associates earn money within the business opportunity. As with most multi-level marketing companies like CBD MLM companies, this stuff can get confusing and problematic.

Not with CTFO, though. They have a simplified compensation plan that is designed for those at the bottom to make it and making sure that everyone can succeed here at CTFO. Unlike other CBD MLM companies, or any multi-level marketing companies in general, that requires a hefty registration fee, joining CTFO is 100 percent fee.

With this CBD multi-level marketing company, you can earn 20 percent commissions on any sales that you make, without ever needing to qualify or upgrade further. They also have the easiest qualifications in the CBD Multi-level marketing industry.


The Basic Introductory Rank is called Associate. As an Associate, you’re given a free CTFO website. Also, customers who don’t sign up as an associate but only want to buy products at discounted online prices can also receive a free CTFO website.

In addition, as you grow your downline of other affiliates and customers, and even if you do become inactive which means that you don’t have a purchase volume, you still get to earn. Thus, making it a fantastic opportunity for individuals who require flexibility when building their business.

Beyond that, CTFO also offers sustainable and realistic income. Here’s how it works:

  • Unilevel Pay

It allows you to earn a 20 percent commission on all personally-enrolled affiliates and customers. Plus, there’s an additional 4 percent down 4 levels in, as long as you’re an active associate.

  • Regenerating Matrix

This is composed of all associated within this CBD multi-level marketing company and works on a 3 x 21 structure. You get this along with the uni-level pay, as long as you’re active. It pays out 1 percent for the first 5 levels, 10 percent on the 6th and 7th levels, and 1 percent on the 8th and 21st levels.

  • Profit-Sharing Positions

This works as an extension of the regenerating matrix. Instead of placing a 4th person under you, they’re placed in a new matrix with you at the top. AS the matrix fills up, then it gets repeated. These are known as profit sharing positions where you are free to gain, and the payout is based on the rank. There are no requirements that need to be met in order to keep them.

  • Infinity Pay Bonus

This is for those who have reached the last 8 ranks available in the business. The amount will come in the percentage from your entire team’s commission volume and offers unlimited depth.

Also, this is a 3 – 5-year plan which allows CTFO associates to retire wealthy. Here, you are looking at anywhere between 3 percent plus 1.5 – 3.5 percent unless you have hit the Top Gun which is plus 8 percent of the entire commission volume pool of the company.

  • Business Builder Pack: The Fast Start Pay

This option offers you the chance to sell business packs for a fast start bonus. In order to qualify, you need to buy at least 1 builder pack (either platinum, gold, or silver) and sell 3 to 1 of your direct members.

You can also earn this from someone that is down your line across 21 levels. For the platinum pack, you can earn $100 for 1 – 3 packs and $400 for over 4 packs. For the gold pack, you can earn $50 for 1 -3 packs and $200 for over 4 packs. For the silver pack, you can earn $25 for 1 – 3 packs and $100 for over 4 packs.

CTFO Business Builder Packs and Pay

  • Business Builder Pack: The Team Pay

This option lets you earn bonuses as your team sells business builder packs. The type of pack that you are selling will determine the amount that you earn and how many levels you unlock.

If your team is selling the silver packs, it unlocks 7 levels of team pay, with gold unlocking 14 and the platinum unlocks 21.

To give you an idea of what it looks like, here’s a sample:

The first 7 levels of the silver pack offer you an extra $5, while gold offers $10 and the platinum offers $20.

If you have unlocked all 21 levels, then you can earn an extra of $75 for the silver pack, $150 for the gold pack, and $300 for the platinum pack.

What’s more, is that it is paid out on all packs which are paying out in the business builder: fast start pays revenue stream.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, CTFO is definitely one of the best CBD MLM companies today. There product line up is diverse, lab-tested, made of the purest and highest quality, and is quite affordable, so it should not be too hard to find an interested buyer.

They truly care for their members and helping them start their own business by offering them all the promotional materials needed to advertise their business while also providing you with a free website, so your business is essentially set up for you from the get-go.

Then, there’s the excellent earning and compensation plan with 6 revenue streams, one of which offers you a 20 percent commission on all sales made by your associates or customers, so it should be really easy to become an active member while also attracting buyers.

These are just some of the best reasons as to why CTFO is a legit and sustainable business that you should definitely try!

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