10 Best Affiliate Programs to Join Today

Affiliate marketing is one of the best monetization channels for online businesses and is also an interesting means for freelancers to earn extra money on the side. However, the tricky part is finding the best affiliate programs for your clients or audiences. To help you kickstart your affiliate marketing venture, check out the top 10 best affiliate programs you can join today.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs

1) Clickbank

Clickbank is no doubt one of the best affiliate programs that deal with digital products like eBooks. The website has been in the industry for years and this is also among the first ever affiliate sites on the internet.

What makes this website great is that this allows everyone from various occupations to register to a free account. The moment you signed up for an account, you can access to millions of eBooks being sold by other members. While the quality of most items in the Clickbank affiliate program is subject to debate, the commissions remain to be far and above most affiliate programs out there. Other reasons why it is rated highly in the list is because of its ease of use and history.

To become a Clickbank affiliate marketer, there is no need for you to buy them or seek permission to be an affiliate. The only thing left for you to do is click on the promote button. You will then get a platform where you can create your own account. From there, you will be receiving an affiliate link that will let you advertise anywhere. The moment a person clicks on your provided link and makes a purchase, you will automatically receive a commission for this sale. Sign Up for Free Here 

2) Fiverr

Fiverr is the leading marketplace where you can hire talented writers, developers, marketers, designers, and so much more. This is considered as the largest marketplace in the world for digital services. Fiverr allows browsing through an extensive selection of freelancers that offer different services and placing orders in just a single click. Any service being offered on Fiverr is referred to as a Gig.

When you become a Fiverr affiliate, you will be able to view more than 100 subcategories of helpful business services that have deep links to some of the most popular Gigs on the platform. You can track every conversion, click, and action through the real-time platform of Fiverr. You can also implement pixels, generate your very own tracking links, and gain access to every tool you will need.

As a Fiverr affiliate, you can promote the largest marketplace for business services in the world and get paid when you drive traffic to Fiverr. Sign Up For Free Here 

3) CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome 

Changing the Future Outcome or CTFO originally started as Chew the Fat Off. Chew the Fat Off was initially an MLM company in the weight loss niche. After the change in the name, Changing the Future Outcome continues to market the original weight loss range of Chew the Fat Off. But, the only difference is that this time around, the new CBD-based products are at the front and center of their promotions.

The CBD product categories that are featured on the official website of Changing the Future Outcome include anti-aging, health, pets, and nutrition. They have a lot of products that it can be difficult to list all of them here one by one. For specific details about the products and their respective retail pricing, you can refer to the full catalog available on the website of Changing the Future Outcome.

Changing the Future Outcome perfectly combines direct retail commissions with matrix and uni-level residuals. There are also additional rank and performance-based bonuses being offered on this affiliate program. Sign Up For Free Here 

4) Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular site building platforms for people who wish to build eCommerce stores. This has been in the industry for years and has seen substantial growth in user base during this time. As one of the best affiliate programs, Shopify can help you earn as much as 200% per sale for each new customer you will refer to them. It means that there is a maximum of $2,400 for each new customer being offered.

Shopify can be considered as the largest eCommerce solution provider you can find online today. Their affiliate program is paying commissions on every referred purchase of products and services in Shopify. Even though this is a standard affiliate program, Shopify calls it their Partner Program.

The average rate of commission is $58 according to the official Shopify website. The commissions of Shopify are paid based on different metrics. For example, when a referral signs up for Shopify Plus enterprise plan, which is the highest tier, payout here is a flat $2,000. Those referrals who sign up for standard plan will earn a commission of $598. The Basic account’s payout is $58. Shopify pays a 20% revenue share for the referrals as well. Sign Up For Free Here 

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5) Udimi-Buy/Sell Solo Ads

Udimi is a special marketplace for solo ad buyers and sellers. It is free to sign up to the website and one of the best things you will like about it is how fast you can start using it. Solo ads are a type of paid advertising. People who have large email lists will sell you access to their list. You will also be able to increase your website traffic and promote your brand. Basically, what happens here is you buy access to their existing contacts.

The marketplace of Udimi is where buyers shop around in order to find sellers who can bring traffic to their sites as well as legitimate traffic. This platform will connect you to experienced sellers who can direct targeted visitors to you. This gives you clicks and ensures the quality of these clicks.

The site is easy to navigate and very slick. This lets you browse through a plethora of sellers in a matter of clicks. You can also look for a quality seller who suits your specific niche. This makes use of ratings and the click-filtering system to ensure that you will be getting only the best solo ads available out there. Sign Up For Free Here 

6) Maxbounty

Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 2004, MaxBounty is a newcomer in the world of affiliate. It claims to be the affiliate network made specifically for affiliates. MaxBounty is a Cost Per Acquisition or Action/CPA company that does not deal with some ad banners and customers link that publishers choose where to place on their site. MaxBounty works in business niche and claims to have over 1500 active campaigns.

It exclusively works with digital products, typically about providing one’s email and signing up for newsletters. MaxBounty has CPL, Pay-Per-Call, and CPA campaigns that you may choose from. It’s involved in several verticals such as dating, finance, social games, real estate, market research, and diet. However, it’s designed primarily for marketers searching for new leads.

MaxBounty’s commission rates depend on the kind of campaign. A glance at its website shows everything from $2.50-$85 per CPA while some campaigns pay out a sale’s percentage. Referral commission is 5%.

MaxBounty is best for top-level and mid-level internet marketers who are confident in sending and managing traffic. If you are starting out in affiliate game, MaxBounty won’t earn you a huge amount of money. It is also easy to get around and its dashboard is exceptional. Sign Up For Free Here 

7) SEO Clerks

The affiliate program of SEO Clerks is the website’s important section. Basically, SEO Clerks is a marketplace online providing SEO services. Moreover, it has some small jobs for a certain fee. In its website, you will find a lot of sections including trades, buy articles, and buy tweets. Other than that, you will find sections like purchase blog reviews, buy software, buy theme, buy ebook, and some.

To be part of the affiliate program of SEO Clerks, you have to be a member first of the website. It pays you once your visitors purchase any service from SEO Clerks. The best thing about that is the rewards are for life.

The affiliate program of SEO Clerks offers many things. One of these is that you’ll get 10 percent commissions on every sale. If you’re a member on it, you’ll earn from purchases for a lifetime. You may have a link on your website or as forum signature and get passive income. It offers affiliates with $5 coupons for anybody they refer. Sign Up For Free Here 

8) ShareaSale

Shareasale is considered as one of the biggest affiliate networks. It has thousands of merchants listed and publishes a big amount of data on every offer it is running. These include average commission, average sale amount, reversal rates, and earnings per click. While figures are not guarantees of payouts you can expect, they are definitely helpful when assessing campaigns.

The benefits of ShareaSale include a big partner network. Over 4,000 merchants include more than 1,000 that were exclusive. The offers are also easy to compare. When trying to select from the different offers available, ShareaSale makes it easy to assess the best ones that are based on the metrics. ShareaSale also offers quick payment cycle. It pays out on the 20th of month, which assumes that your account balance is over $50. Sign Up For Free Here 

9) Jobscan

Jobscan is the company based in Seattle, Washington. The founder made Jobscan after struggling through modern job search himself. As a matter of fact, he made a same tool for himself once he realized how the keyword-oriented employer tool was.

Jobscan software is basically an analysis tool online that tells the job seeker on how to optimize her or his resume for particular job postings as well as conquer top applicant tracking software that is used by the employers. It is easy to use.

The only thing you should do is to copy and paste the text from the resume to a field. You must also copy and paste the text from job posting to other field and click the button to scan.

Once you scan your job posting and resume, Jobscan provides you a Match rate based on the analysis of your job title, soft skills, education, hard skills, and some keywords. Moreover, the Scan Report will identify the word count, words to avoid, measurable results, and asses your section headings, paragraph length and date formatting. However, there is nothing you should worry about as such things will not affect the Match Rate.

You may also provide your company name and web address for job posting to get ATS Tips. It will provide you a big benefit since Jobscan did the intensive research for you on the ways to conquer particular Applicant Tracking software utilized by that company. Sign Up For Free Here

10) ResumeWriters

Once you enter ResumeWriters’ website, you will see bold claims. According to them, ResumeWriters is the most trusted, most popular, and most experienced resume service across the globe. If it’s the case, there is no doubt why it is one of the old timers in the market. It is in business for over 19 years. It also guarantees you to get job interviews, or else you can request for resume rewrites.

If it’s the finest resume service, why do it doesn’t have many positive reviews? Well, its official website looks good and most of the services job applicants needs are made available. They assessed various service aspects and they provide you aunbiased and detailed information about ResumeWriters.

ResumeWriters’ special service is its interview guarantee. You will not see such guarantee on every website in the market. More often than not, ResumeWriters guarantees that the resume they complete would get you the interview that you’ve always dreamed of. If that does not the case, they’ll rewrite your resume until you already have another interview. Sign Up For Free Here

It’s a problematic guarantee for many people. That is the reason why it is essential to go through the website’s terms and conditions. In this way, you will truly understand your rights as customers before you begin to use the service.

Those are just some of the best affiliate programs you can join today. Depending on your preferences or needs, choose the one that would benefit you most.

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