How to Legally Enjoy the Benefits of Medical Marijuana Without Getting High

Traditionally, marijuana has been smoked for fun. Eventually, many people realized that when they smoked marijuana that the severity of their painful or annoying health conditions actually decreased. Many people would even admit to smoking it for medical purposes, just for its usage to be more acceptable. It has been illegal only a couple of decades ago.


In the past, there was a certain reputation associated with marijuana usage. You’d be called a hippie, a junkie, or worse, even if you enjoyed it only on special occasions. You’d hang out with certain groups because otherwise, your recreational usage would be frowned upon. You may even have had to surreptitiously light up in a dark part of the alley so your neighbors didn’t see what you were doing.


Now that recreational marijuana usage is becoming legal in many states and provinces, its benefits are also being studied for medical science. When many people begin taking something to help them feel better, it can capture the notice of the pharmaceutical industry. Many studies have now concluded that medical marijuana can be of benefit. First, we saw the release of legal marijuana products for those people who weren’t interested in smoking it: edibles, oils, candy, lotions, etc.



Benefits of Medical Marijuana Without Getting High


Differences Between THC & CBD


Then scientists began studying the compounds within marijuana. To date, there are over 100 compounds recorded, but there are many more. Two of the most popular you’ll see mentioned in the news are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that’s responsible for that high you can get when smoking it for recreational purposes.


CBD, or cannabidiol, does not give you that high when you ingest it. CBD is also available in a wide range of formats, just like medical marijuana or THC products. CBD can be taken by people of all ages. Its been given to young children who have seizures to help prevent them. It’s been given to seniors to help increase cognitive function so that they can function more normally in life. CBD oil is even prescribed to dogs and cats who have kidney or liver disease.


CBD is also a safer way to experience the medical benefits of marijuana, but without having that high. It doesn’t affect your brain as THC does. People who drive for a living, or who work heavy equipment can safely take it even when on the job. Many jobs also require drug testing on a regular basis. You can safely take CBD and pass drug tests, as they will only test for THC. Taking CBD can also help you to perform your job much better, as you won’t be feeling discomfort from pain or other common health issues that CBD can ease.


The Pain-Free Benefits of CBD


There are many benefits to taking CBD. Perhaps one of the most common is to help ease the pain. Millions of people suffer pain from a variety of different conditions. Often arthritis or pain in the joints is a common one. Pain from cancer or from fibromyalgia is also concerning. Many people who suffer chronic pain are never going to have a cure. The best they can do is manage the pain. CBD can help decrease pain in the body by muffling the pain receptors that happen in the brain. This helps to decrease pain in the body. The CBD can also help to decrease inflammation in the body, which can lessen the severity of your medical condition.


Medical Marijuana Fights Anxiety


Whether you suffer from excess anxiety at work or are always anxious due to a mental health condition, there are many medical marijuana benefits. If you take CBD oil you can expect to have your stress and anxiety lessened. Lab tests have proven that people are more confident, and their brains function better after they have taken CBD oil. This can be beneficial for those times when you’re heading to a job interview. Some people are perfect performers at work, but they flunk the job interview and don’t get the job. You can legally enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana but have a safer and more effective dosage by taking CBD oil before your important meeting.


About 99% of the world’s population hates public speaking. Yet, many of us are expected to participate in large group meetings as part of our jobs. Many celebrities may expect to participate in talks or shows. It’s important to present a panel or topic effectively, as that can affect how much work you get in the future. CBD oil can take those jitters away. Once people get practice in front of the audience, then they can perform better in the future and not need the CBD oil.


Helps You to Sleep Better


Insomnia affects a large number of the population. There are so many causes of it. It can be caused by anxiety over what is happening in your life, or perhaps anxiety for a big event the Insomnia can be caused by other prescription medication you are taking for medical conditions. It seems counter-productive to take medication that’s going to just make you feel worse the next day.


Insomnia can also be caused by a medical condition. Cancer can cause pain that keeps you up at night. You can have a bad injury or had recent surgery that is keeping you awake. You may have diabetes or another health condition that affects the levels of melatonin in your brain. CBD oil can help turn off the pain receptors in your brain and calm your mind so that you can sleep better at night.


Enjoy medical marijuana benefits without having to take actual marijuana. CBD oil offers a quick, easy, and affordable way to help you feel better. Whether you need a small amount of relief to ease your mind, or a large amount of pain relief to ease your medication condition, it’s possible for you to feel better and enjoy life more, all without getting high.



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