Welcome to hempoilfrog.com your dedicated online blog and market about CBD and hemp oils. Who are we? We are an honest and serious company, who is specialized in the production of interesting articles about hemp oils and in the selling of CBD related products through the CTFO.


Our specialties

It is not a secret that this kind of product are not easy to find or, to be more precise, that it is hard to discover high-quality CBD hemp oils. Especially the online world is full of websites that claim to offer valuable and inexpensive solutions but are not able to provide them. We wanted to change this paradigm.  We wanted to offer you the best shopping experience and we know how stressful it might be to insert credit card details for the first time on a new website, especially in such a competitive niche, where everyone seems to be the top online herbs store on the market. To eliminate this barrier, we partnered with CTFO, one of the most relevant organization when it comes to CBD hemp products. Once you click on an item you like, you will be redirected to the CTFO’s website, where you will be able to make your purchase.



CBD hemp oilsYour happiness, our mission

Customer satisfaction is our only goal and we constantly work very hard to make sure our clients have a flawless experience. We take care of every issue that might arise before, during and after the order is placed, allowing you to shop in complete freedom and with the certainty of having a dedicated team backing you up.

We spend a lot of energy and resources researching the best CBD hemp oils products on the market and promoting them on our website as well. Thanks to CTFO shipping team, we are able to provide shipping for the following countries: USA , Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.


The uniqueness of our products

We not only offer products for sale because we know that purchasing CBD and hemp oil-related products does not mean to spend a fortune and that most people are looking for products that are of high quality and cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore, we have implemented a wide selection of items for you to choose from. Furthermore, now you have the possibility to learn about our products’ features directly on our site and then decide which one is the best for you and your health.  CTFO offers amazing business opportunities as well, which permits anyone to start earning revenues by listing CTFO’s products on their website.


Now it is on you

This is who we are and what we stand for. Now it is your time to make yourself a present. Browse around and take your time: you will find the products you were looking for.